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also repeatedly played embassies and consulates

The economic relationship between Cheap Belt and Hermes Belt can be used is to describe, in the period of sino-Hermes Beltese political relations extreme cold, heat economy still maintained a certain, maintain a certain exchanges, is the need to each other makes the decision of the top to establish strategic and mutually beneficial relations between us. The yasukuni shrine question is no longer a central issue in sino-Hermes Beltese relations, by the end of last year, Hermes Beltese prime minister yasuo fukuda's visit to Cheap Belt, in the two countries was the most difficult of the east Cheap Belt sea oil and gas fields have also made substantial progress on the question of, these are all welcome. However, the most difficult problem is that the Cheap Belt-Hermes Belt friendship, how to merge the people feelings? Like two noisy over countless children, adults command they reconciled, had to troubled and stood across the ground, it is difficult to shake hands. Over the years, sino-Hermes Beltese people-to-people friendly became a very difficult task, the Hermes Beltese people to travel to Cheap Belt, although still constantly stereotype of Replica Belt people are many, this is largely due to the Hermes Beltese media has long distorted reports in Cheap Belt. Remember the spring of 2005, Hermes Beltese television saturation coverage of Replica Belt Internet users against Hermes Belt to join the council, also repeatedly played embassies and consulates are destroyed the Stimulate the Picture.



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