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all this changed because of one thing

This life, in my opinion is really so happiness and happiness . However , all this changed because of one thing . That day , he accidentally said the recent difficulties in business. Said there is no large customers get , if this made the list , we can make a small fortune . He was listening to the narrative , I have a crush on , and said not to worry, we work together to find solutions. He listened to my words , emotions and it would be mobilized. Said, I do have a plan , it is certainly useful to use . I say plan , you will be directly ahead. He turned hesitantly said, if I said you do not get angry , when I did not say . Then he said, stressing each syllable , you go get him , and said , I only agree with you only doing the feelings can not happen , can not break up with me . At the time, my heart suddenly cool to the heel , but also loss of such an idea he came up with ! If not really , but he regarded me as anything ? ! For him this request, I really speechless . Only one thought in the mind , is to leave him. However, because I had to choose his case widespread opposition of his family , while others are due to his good performance , people at home are full of praise for him , I find it difficult to find a reason to convince themselves and their families . How can I do it? Ping husband thought that your boyfriend suffering from money first syndrome. Suffering from this disease , other drugs are not on drugs, the only way is money. Fortunately, he 's an outbreak of this disease early, in time to show it , otherwise , wait until you get married , he encountered difficult to get customers to send another when you are coming , you want to go back too late . http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/feed/ Contemporary society , many people 's values have been cast strong mercenary , and under the auspices of money, there is no concept of honor and beauty and ugliness . Your boyfriend with your body in exchange for money, in his eyes , you are his money-making tools . Whether he is in fact not done so , but his heart must have been the idea. And a single-minded just want to make money or even to bring his girlfriend to exchange body man , leave him is your good fortune. You do not need to also care about is how did you withstand the pressure and his contacts , the facts have proven that you are wrong, unless you really want to marry for money instead of a happy life . Notice , not just the money can be exchanged for a happy life , it needs to respect , understanding and sincere love . But this, in your body can not see. Emotional bloggers, I have a problem is always simmering in my heart. I read your blog with the help of many people resolve emotional psychological problems , in this question to you .



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