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All beds as their home on stilts in the river

All beds as their home on stilts in the river , like a pestle , scraps of paper and garbage bags are like leaves on stilts wandering below , rolled forward . They know , and then carrying it is futile , so each received a foot , sit on the bed and began to dig smoke cigarettes and matches have also found that wet , so sparse was another sigh. A retired and sit , only to find the presence of the stomach , they shoved think the most important thing there is something not done ,http://www.arizonaasap.com/ and that is to eat. M actually can not wash , but was not a dry firewood . It was suggested to the streets to buy some bread . The more people say : To buy meat , but also buy wine , day classic pity we do not , we own pity. Even the most frugal people are usually pulled from the personal pockets of rain mixed with sweat and five dollar bills , three young young man took the money , the Warriors general into the rain , and pretty soon , they brought a big bag of pig and goose meat , there is a plastic bucket of wine. Shed so there is meaty and alcohol , which seems to be migrant workers who deal with the rain of last resort , Rao is his and then a big rain, in front of meat and alcohol , are obviously no power and temper. Only residential building around the city people feel ridiculous , they say : These redneck , a rain drink, there really is more than a poet temperament . Dear Weaver : Hello ! Yesterday was supposed to be our reunion , I went early to the edge of the Milky Way , we expect Magpie Magpie Bridge erected early , so that we can be reunited once the couple mother , to this day , I have fingers almost broke transparent. Magpie etc. but not left and right , also seen magpies . I think this world increasingly heavy snobbish gas has made the birds lost its former outspoken , but not flatly refused to sell the benefits of Xiangbang . </br>
So long ready dishes for the sky spread chaos . No half-day , saw a magpie sparse fruit fly , one flustered , gaunt, inter- Chi Yu have different severity of the wound. There magpie advertised to me, http://www.lindapmodel.com/ is not something they do not want to help me Cowboy, but mortal living environment is worsening , naked trees cut down and replaced with stiff cold buildings , and bad nesting , and bad foraging . And mortal human beings see as see foe , will Yusha eradicated .</br>
Not only is the bird , extinct more and more good things . The hour is up, the Magpies began to bridge. Honestly, these poor disabled magpie mind really help us , I was moved . But their number is too little too small, so that anyone with a conscience who do not want to tread this pile of flesh barricaded bridge to realize their aspirations. See our sons and daughters take Queqiao not anxious crying. This cry , and touched many other birds . http://www.eaglecrestsite.com/ Sparrows , owls and even crows are also added to the Magpie Bridge in the past, and finally even the bats also help. But sadly, their numbers are too little too little. I finally did not see you , son and daughter were crying hoarse voice . I know, you must also crying very sad on the other side , otherwise , why the sudden Tianhe water rose a lot. From tomorrow, I will start my career magpie breeding specialized households . All the time and energy used in the development and reproduction of magpies on this matter . To be honest, this under the current environment, it is bound to be a very difficult thing . Although the East China Sea and not to rely too Tarzan , but less than in the air repair a building. But to a certain number of years in the future , Tanabata We can meet any obstacles and difficulties misery I am willing to go through .</br>



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