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Belgium in Shanghai is not really happy, the only victory here or 1-0 against New Zealand, the other two are fiasco, make their coach DE sutter every press conference opening is disappointed with the results. Although Brazil took the bronze medal, but they are not happy, because it wasn't the gold medal, dunga face great pressure, so he didn't behave like a winner at the news conference, and more like a hatred fu, has repeatedly stressed the difficulties they faced. That was the end of Shanghai division, the Gucci Store Replica Gucci Belts will last until 24, began to day, it seems, are still vividly, quickly to say goodbye to the moment. Sit in the news center, the last time away here, a lot of things in the disassembly, volunteers took a group photo, this is their Olympic memories. When I put my last article, after the packing is in order, with the client's journalist John AnLan farewell, nearly 20 days, we have established a profound friendship. Left the news center, like every goodbye before, also don't back, as if tomorrow is still to come. http://www.cadethqcanada.com/ And Shanghai stadium, gently said goodbye to it, has been very want to a person sitting in the stadium seats of turning off the lamp, but because want to open a press conference after the game, is not achieved.



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