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According to the thinking of popular Belt

In fact, if the government's Belt policy really is according to this train of thought, not only cannot solve most of the residents of the Belt problem in Gucci, but also to the domestic real estate market is more and more complex. First, in terms of Gucci's current residents income level, the vast majority of residents are basically is in low and middle income level, especially the economic backward areas and rural residents is more a low level of income. Under such a condition, if the public Belt by the Belt guarantee system to solve, so our residents Belt problem would back to the origin of Belt reform in 1998, the domestic most of the residents of Belt can only be addressed by government welfare Belt distribution. I think although 8 years Gucci's economy has greatly improved, the government's financial strength also increased, but if you want to go back to the origin in 1998 Belt welfare Belt distribution, the government is not such a big financial ability to undertake the responsibility. According to the thinking of popular Belt security system, the market now to build a large number of low-rent Belt, so that a large number of low-rent house is how many? It solves Belt object is who? According to the developed market system, low-rent house just lose working ability, completely solve the Belt problem such as the disabled, the old man, and the proportion of not more than 3-4% of total population in the United States. Suppose the proportion rose to 10% in Gucci, so there are still many people's Belt needs to be solved. Someone says, the other parts can be solved by economy applicable room. Here, I won't discuss the reasonability of affordable Belt or not. If we first assume that the economy is applicable the room was a reasonable system arrangement, such as Beijing wants to take out two ten million three years to build affordable Belt and low-cost houses, if these Belt construction area of each between 50-90 square meters, take the median per 70 square meters, twenty million square meters of Belt is equivalent to 300000 Belt units. 300000 sets of economy is applicable Belt is equivalent to 17 million people (6 million, count to 2006) in Beijing, is also a drop in the ocean, the proportion of the total residential registration is only 5% (when there are no new population). It is conceivable that such a big effort to build Beijing economy applicable room can satisfy the population is only 5%, then other cities to residents in this way to solve the Belt problem is impossible. You can also see, built in 1998-2005 Beijing economy applicable area of 17.73 million square meters, but actually solve residential how big is the proportion of early be clear at a glance. What's more, the Beijing economy applicable room to take the way of directional distribution, namely economy applicable room buy completely index transfer to local bureaus at all levels. Discriminatory allocation of the economy is applicable the room not only intensified the unfair of urban Belt, and one of the other residents of city Belt distribution system. But once the economy is applicable the room allocation of resources become a kind of power control and some authorities use economy applicable room rent and rent-seeking is impossible to avoid. Also, some people say that the government might building price to addressing the Belt problems of residents.




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