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About the artist suspected of drug abuse

About the artist suspected of drug abuse and other criminal behavior is not an individual phenomenon. http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/feed/ In addition to Hong Kong and Taiwan artists, there are some rare artists who mainland. The fundamental cause of the problem is that some people abuse as fashion, from the depths of the ideology of the drug to relax and resist the temptation to reject thus became a captive of the drug. Artists eager to drugs is another reason, it should be the individual artists are generally forms exist, in addition to the law, no other system barriers and constraints, and therefore, poor self-discipline artists, they do not stop making mistakes, a mistake on the straight legal bottom line. Plus the artist itself is a public figure, usually by the mostly sought after and easier to get high, but since that superior, so the lower the requirements on their own. Most of them are combined with the circle group activities mainly affect each other easily spread abuse, pornography, gambling that they can easily become a high-risk population. It seems to strengthen the management of the entertainment industry's independent artist also is extremely urgent. She plausibly say that you do not force me to live together. http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/replica-hermes-belts/ Although cohabitation is very common now, however, cohabitation is a manifestation of a woman is not responsible. You men generally believe that cohabitation is to let both sides allow into your life, the right to get married, inappropriate on separate sides of each other. But the fact is how many people really believe that gender equality? There are few men no virgin plot? Men never think about how many women he had hurt, but always thinking about looking for a virgin, nor think about a girl who becomes a woman's Who? But conversely, how many girls to care about the man is not a virgin? Society is equal? I fell in love with a man, maybe I'll live together with him, but also on behalf of my not marry you. If I want to marry a man, it would not cohabit with him, even lose him, but also represents that he is not my cup of tea. I do not know since when, unmarried cohabitation is like eating as normal. However, often seemingly normal stuff, is not rush it? Is not a universal truth? Saw this girl's mind monologue, I think, good man, good woman, had to think about it. Cohabitation, really fun? In fact, http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/replica-louis-vuitton-belts/ not fun. The problem is that the concept. People especially men entrenched virgin in the short term will not disappear with the popularity of cohabitation, as the girl said, many men never think about how many women he had hurt, but always thinking about looking for a virgin, nor Think about a girl who becomes a woman's Who? This shows that a little bit serious for life, the concept of a little girl in a conservative, in fact, does not agree with cohabitation. Not only that, on the contrary, the girl lived together easily agree with you, in fact, http://www.gudulafsarkoyu.com/cheap-gucci-belts/ she was thinking may be another person.



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