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a ward located only a bed

These luxury wards divided into different grades, 6-8 floor for the bureau-level cadres ward , 9, and 10 F, as vice provincial and provincial cadre ward , a ward located only a bed , dedicated to leadership preparation, not open . Provincial and ministerial level officials in the 10th floor of 200 square meters, the largest ward by the kitchen, the second bedroom , the main ward , bathroom, living room, dining combination. Which also put a wardrobe , dining table, leather sofa, coffee table and other daily necessities . Medical expert Zhong Nanshan once lamented: The current Louboutin Shoes VIP ward conditions provided great ! He disclosed in a hospital , the most senior ward comparable star full service hotel , day rates up to more than 3600 yuan .
On the other hand , Christian Louboutin still many people who can not get relief in the event of disease , in coverage, could not afford medicine , they do not live on the hospital 's misery . Many families often have a loved one suffering from disease that will go bankrupt, more farmers are sick with only anti endured, did not dare go to the hospital , or self brandished a knife and chopped off . Our current health care system , covering far the largest number of human health care system , but just like anything else , like anything , after 1.3 billion this denominator an addition , it becomes thin.



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