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a significance far from the economic

If we understand and interpret carefully the center of a series of aggressive moves , whether it is November 5th executive meeting of the State Council 's State 10 major program , or November 9 provinces and ministries, Premier Wen Jiabao held a summit meeting proposed 6 +1 seven initiatives and November 12th executive meeting of the State Council, played four punch , on the positive response to the global financial crisis on China 's economy seriously affected at the same time , clearly has more ambitious goals and significance . Such as for housing, environmental protection and other livelihood projects into unprecedented focus on industrial upgrading efforts unprecedented push for drastic reforms in key areas , tangible support to SMEs , which are based on the economic transition and long-term institutional transitions lift . So , I have been reluctant to these major initiatives the State Council called economic stimulus plan , I would prefer to be understood as livelihood projects, restructuring and reform of the crucial engineering works. This series of initiatives throughout the four main lines , that is: the people's livelihood is the fundamental transformation is the goal, is to protect growth , reform is the driving force, a significance far from the economic stimulus plan can cover .



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