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A share is about to usher in an important

A share is about to usher in an important turning point ! With or do not rise can be described as a major feature of A-shares . However, outside the stock market fell sharply in recent days the trend , while the A shares have seen a rare stabilize the market, does allow investors by surprise . Since mid-November last year, since the unilateral U.S. stocks rise in prices in the short term has risen by 20% . Although the A shares in this period also had a good performance, but the trend of fast up fast or make the magnitude of rebound compromised. Since this year on February 18 , after the market hit a high of 2444.8 , followed by a shock down the stock market. To April 16 , the market dropping to 2165 points, the overall decline in the rate reached 11.4%. If analyzed from the golden ratio , compared to a similar market in recent times , rapid rebound after the unilateral position of strong support level of about 0.618 interval , that 2140 will be the market near the strong support zone. However , together with the role of inertia decline , the stock market can not mechanically stabilized rebound in 2140 . So, I think that the range of 0.618 Shi Liang Kuo position down 20 points to round down the prices of final destination , then the importance of A shares will also usher inflection point . In addition to the technical basis , but of course not ignore the macroeconomic side interpretation. By following the analysis of several key factors , the author Guo Shi Liang believes that despite the A shares will celebrate the importance of short-term or inflection point, but the rebound will continue after the pattern of weak shocks .



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