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A representative of the administrative

A representative of the administrative examination and approval of National People's Congress of hainan province recently long march figure, show that an investment project from acquiring land to required to pass through more than 30 finished procedure for examination and approval, the seal, the hundreds of fully at least should be after 272 days; Due to the police station personnel entry information error, sichuan zigong a villagers' mother id on age incredibly like himself, the parties to rush about 6 years to correct... All this, all that cut administrative examination and approval items in some places, especially in some hand now tube power at the grass-roots level government and specific business sector, encountered such and such soft boycott. Is so, the superior is beyond the regulation on the one hand, on the other hand, the masses cannot oversight. With news, http://www.annamariahemingway.com/ an expert said that in the process of the reform of the administrative examination and approval system has the problem of 'money is not clear, and decentralization is often this subtraction, increase over there. Listing of administrative examination and approval items, open government departments to reduce the decentralization is broken. What things as a result, the examination and approval by the government, what things do not require government approval, the central stipulation cut cut the administrative examination and approval of the project, any new is not in the scope of laws and regulations permit the examination and approval of projects, people be clear at a glance.



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