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a detailed record of the trial process

Bo Hu-Wen era is playing down the big tiger , the new leadership moving forward according to the procedure only in the judgment of the results are actually not important, important is Bo Xilai will say in court or talk about how to show his old style ?
Jiang 's trial for the people may remember. http://www.arizonaasap.com/ Central allegation Mao launched the Cultural Revolution Jiang advantage , but Jiang always believed his innocence in court even insisted guilty of Deng Xiaoping and other revisionists against Chairman Mao's 1980 Jiang face charges in court and shouted known , pleaded not guilty , and openly rebuked the presiding judge roar .
Ma Kechang editor, lowell smile center Chang'an Publishing House documentary Jiang defended the case , a detailed record of the trial process : at 9:00 on December 24th, 1980 to 11:38 , held by the First Chamber Jiang Qing court debate .
Han Zhou presiding judge had declared : Supreme People's Procuratorate Procurator's Office accused the defendant Jiang particular facts of the crime , this Court on November 26 , December 3 , 5, 9, 12 and 23 am , has six times the hearing , http://www.lowellsmilecenter.com/louboutin/ has been the investigation is completed .



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