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Chipsy King Has Been Regularly Peddling Its Frites Downtown

Since being spotted in Midtown in June, the Chipsy King truck has been trying out spots in various areas of downtown. According to their sporadically-updated Twitter, they have parked in Soho, and lately, at Wall & William which is where I spotted them on Monday.

They aren’t great about updating where they will be parking daily. If you’re in the mood for a heaping helping of Belgian fries, perhaps check out Wall St. come lunch time and you’ll be rewarded by this truck parking there. Hopefully the truck doesn’t go the way of the Frying Dutchmen truck.

Roti Mediterranean Positions Itself As Healthier Street Meat Alternative

When last we visited Roti Mediterranean Grill on Pearl St. (at Cedar), it was a soft opening, the food was free, the lines were long and I was undecided as to whether I liked this place or not. That was back in May, and since then, every time I’ve walked by there’s been a line out the door (or they’ve been closed. That’s seemed to happen a lot too), and that’s a lot to say with so many lunch options on the same block.

So, I decided to actually purchase some food this time and see if it was better than what I got when they were doing staff training. My thoughts on healthified street cart fare straight ahead.

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Cafe Sage’s Express Lunch Steam Table Special Is A No Frills Deal

Sometimes all you want for lunch is some protein, vegetables and rice. You could go for street meat or falafel, or a cheap Chinese special, but Thai is also at the top of my list when that feeling hits. And amazingly, we’ve never reviewed one of the cheaper sources of a Thai food lunch in the Financial District – Cafe Sage on John St. (at Cliff).

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You Won’t Regret Trying The 99% Vegetarian Cart’s Veggie Burger

Sometimes you only have $6 in your pocket and you don’t want a traditional street meat lunch or pizza. What’s a Lunch’er to do? When I’m in this predicament, I sometimes head to the 99% Vegetarian Food cart that’s been relocated, along with three others, to the corner of Liberty St. & Nassau after a CitiBike rack was installed in their longtime spot around the corner off of Broadway.

 This time, I finally tried the veggie burger, and I’m so glad that I did.

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GRK’s Yogurt Bar Makes A Good Warm Weather Lunch

With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to look past hefty plates of rice and meat to lunches that won’t instantly put you in a food coma and aren’t a salad.

I’ve been meaning to check out the yogurt bar at GRK after loving the meats I’ve tried there. You can get not only frozen Greek yogurt, but fresh flown in from the mother country, with a host of sweet and savory toppings at your disposal.

For the same price as a plate of street meat you can get fancy yogurt for lunch, but should you?

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First Look: Terri’s Faux Meat Sandwiches Aren’t All Bad

Quick service vegetarian restaurants seem to go one of two ways selling falafel or sandwiches and wraps stuffed with roughage and fake meats. Terri on Pearl St. (at Maiden Lane) took the latter route with its vegan and kosher menu, also offering juices and baked goods. I’m all for these places if the food is good and not overpriced as it so often is. One good example, and a similar concept to Terri, is ‘sNice which has an outpost in Soho. I’d had a pretty good meatless Thanksgiving sandwich there, and I was curious how the version at Terri was despite my slight aversion to Tofurkey.  Read more »

Homemade Cart’s Falafel Plate Might Be Its Weakest Link

We wrote about the Homemade Cart long ago, with its owner who makes lamb meatballs and will give you a scoop of red beans with your rice platter if you ask nicely. The two gentlemen you see above had quite a system going so even though there was a line when I got there, it wasn’t long before I was giving my order of a falafel platter $5) which had been recommended. After eating my lunch, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps the lamb or chicken are the way to go here.

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