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Nio’s Trinidad’s Dinners Are No Match For Their Roti

We’ve won some and lost some in the Caribbean food options in the Financial District lately. The standbys of Trinidad & Tobago and Veronica’s Kitchen carts are still around, and lately Sunrise Grill and Nio’s Trinidad Roti trucks have been parking near each other on a stretch of Broad St. between S. William and Beaver. However, R. Retha’s cart seems to be on its way out, although I’ve seen it still parked at the spot at S. William and Beaver with a “For Sale” sign taped in the window. That’s still a pretty solid lineup.

I’d tried the namesake roti at Nio’s and also their doubles which many of the FiDi places don’t offer. What I hadn’t tried was the dinners with peas and rice that they have on offer, so one day on a whim I went up to the window and ordered just that.

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No Rice, Only Noodles At The Mamu Thai Truck

There are a couple of trucks selling southeast Asian foods these days, including Mamu Thai Noodle. The truck has been parking at one of the lots near the World Financial Center in Battery Park City at least one day a week and based on the line when I stopped by on Monday, you all are happy to have a Thai option in that part of downtown.  Read more »

Sammi’s Nutrition House Mixes Smoothies And Chicken Wings

A brightly-painted truck began parking at Old Slip & Water St. a while ago and from the side facing the street it appeared to be a truck selling smoothies, fruit juices and fruit like the carts you see dotting sidewalks in the city. It turns out Sammi’s is a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde situation as it also sells burgers, fries and chicken wings among other decidedly unhealthy foods. Had anyone had the food here or are you curious about it? I like the idea of getting carrot juice with a side of wings.

Chipsy King Has Been Regularly Peddling Its Frites Downtown

Since being spotted in Midtown in June, the Chipsy King truck has been trying out spots in various areas of downtown. According to their sporadically-updated Twitter, they have parked in Soho, and lately, at Wall & William which is where I spotted them on Monday.

They aren’t great about updating where they will be parking daily. If you’re in the mood for a heaping helping of Belgian fries, perhaps check out Wall St. come lunch time and you’ll be rewarded by this truck parking there. Hopefully the truck doesn’t go the way of the Frying Dutchmen truck.

Need More Giant Sandwiches In Your Life? Diso’s Italian Sandwich Society’s On It

diso's truck

While walking back from lunch yesterday, I spotted a new truck called Diso’s Italian Sandwich Society at William St. & Wall. It does not appear that it’s on the Midtown radar yet, but a look at their Twitter shows that they’ve been parking in the Financial District for a week or so. A look at the menu shows a wide variety of sandwiches with Italian meats, chicken or vegetables, although unless you get a half you’re going to spend more than $10.

Did anyone check this truck out yesterday?

Shredded Chicken Is A Sleeper Hit At Ambizza Cafe Truck

One of the constants in the food truck scene of the Financial District during the past year or two has been the Ambizza Cafe Truck which came blazing in with claims of the city’s best kofta kebabs. That wasn’t necessarily true, but as that was the only dish I’d tried it was time for a return visit.

The truck has been parking at Old Slip & Water every day, even after hurricane Sandy left all of you Lunch’ers down by Bowling Green with few dining options and many trucks abandoned us termporarily due to a lack of parking spots.

Anyway, the short story is I finally did a repeat visit to Ambizza and am happy to report they do a nice plate of chicken over rice for only a couple of dollars more than the street meat carts.  Read more »

A Look At Cuban-Fusion Tacos From Rebranded Miami Food Machine Truck

A while back, Bongo Brothers renamed its truck the Miami Food Machine and got a totally different look. The previous incarnation was all meat, all the time, in the form of sandwiches, a burger and plates with rice and beans.

Plates with rice and beans are still on offer, but now you can get sliders and tacos and there’s tofu on the menu. I decided to try some Cuban fusion tacos (in your face Korean fusion!).  Read more »