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Signage, Hint Of Menu Items Up At Forthcoming grk

grk signs

There’s no actual menu up for the chain-y looking grk coming to Fulton St. (btw. Dutch & William), but the items mentioned at the bottom of the window make it seem like it will be  similar to Pita Press on Cedar St. Among the dishes on tap will be gyros (which they spell yeeros), Greek yogurt, tzatziki, Greek salad and “freshly baked pita bread.” So nothing totally outside the box, but a decent option if you’re not in the mood for Crisp, Hale & Hearty or Chipotle that are all located on the same block.

GRK Bringing “Fresh Greek” To Huge Space On Fulton

grk sign

The lineup of quick service restaurants is about to grown on Fulton St. with something called GRK Fresh Greek opening between William and Nassau streets. This joins Crisp, Chipotle Five Guys, Financier and Hale & Hearty and is across the street from Texas Rotisserie & Grill. They have a Web site that simply says “coming soon,” a Facebook page and freshly-minted Twitter account, which says they’re bringing us “a new take on classic Greek food” in “fresh flavors like you’ve never tasted.” Guess  we’ll just have to wait and see when the paper comes down and a menu materializes. Let’s all hope it’s something equal to or better than the generally awesome Pita Press over on Cedar St.

GRK Fresh Greek, Fulton St. btw. William & Nassau

Go To The Broadway Greek Cart For The Sweets

A couple of weeks ago we were alerted to the presence of a cart selling Greek food on Broadway in front of Trinity Church (btw. Wall & Thames). It’s run by a nice Greek woman and offers a few lunch items like gyro and chicken sandwiches ($6) and a Greek salad ($7) along with a variety of sweets that she proudly said she makes herself and serves starting at 7 a.m. every morning. I decided to get lunch from the cart the other day and discovered it’s maybe a better destination for a breakfast or snack stop. You could also do as one woman who stopped by did and grab a “second lunch” of sweets.

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A Cart On Broadway Serves Greek Food, Sweets

greek food cart resize

If you’ve walked down Broadway by Trinity Church, you may have noticed a blue cart selling things like baklava and other sweets, along with Greek salad and chicken and gyro sandwiches. Lunch’er blueprintu told us about the cart when answering profiled lunch’er Dan’s question of where he could find Greek food. The cart’s not always there, but they were yesterday when I walked by. Everything seems reasonably priced, and ideal for an afternoon snack or light lunch. A look at the menu is straight ahead. Read more »

Heading Underground For Greek Food At Suspenders

If you’ve never been to Suspenders on Broadway (at Thames), or didn’t even know it existed, it’s because you have to walk down some stairs from street level, past a Subway sandwich shop and notice it before you get to an actual subway entrance. The bar and restaurant has no windows, but what it does have is a giant screen showing sports and Greek and Mediterranean food for less than $10.

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It Took Two Years, But I Finally Tried Snack’s Lamb Sandwich

I have a bunch of places on a literal “to eat” list and Greek restaurant Snack on Thompson (btw. Spring & Prince) is near the top of that list, as it’s been on there almost since the beginning of my taking over as editor of ML Downtown. More than one Profiled Lunch’er has mentioned how delicious their lamb sandwich is, but its $10 price tag and the fact that there was always some new food truck spawning kept making me forget about it. Well, you’ll be happy to know that I finally made it up to Soho to review this sandwich, and due to my procrastination it’s now out of the ML price range.

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Going Vegetarian At Meat-Centric Pita Press Isn’t A Bad Decision

When you walk into Pita Press - the Greek rotisserie on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), one of the first things you see is chunks of lamb and beef slowly turning behind glass doors. Next to that is a grill where chicken souvlaki skewers cook. To say that this place focuses on meats may be an understatement. Why then, would I go in and order the vegetarian option on the menu? Well, sometimes I get meat fatigue and the words “zucchini feta fritters” called to me.

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