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Whole Foods Dosateria/Lassi Bar Opens Today

As we told you last week, Whole Foods Tribeca has replaced its sushi bar with a Dosateria that will also serve lassi shakes. The collaboration with Cafe Spice opens today serving both vegetarian and meat versions of dosas, uttapams and Bombay Frankies and the menu will range in price from $4 to $11.95 and be open from breakfast until 8 p.m.  The menu includes a breakfast dosa, and one involving butter chicken, brie cheese and mango chutney so there’s some fusion happening here. If you happen to check it out today, let us know how the food and prices are in the comments.

Whole Foods Tribeca Replacing Sushi Bar With A “Dosateria”


While I do enjoy a maki roll from the Genji counter at Whole Foods from time to time, I think we can all collectively get excited by the news that they’re scrapping that counter and putting something much more exciting in. If you like Indian street food, get ready because the Whole Foods in Tribeca at Greenwich & Warren streets is putting in a Dosateria in a collaboration with makers of prepared Indian food Cafe Spice. A look at what’s in store after the jump.

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Daal Makhani From Desi Food On Wheels Is A Vegetarian Winner

desi food truck

It’s rare I’m pleasantly surprised by Indian food in the Financial District. I’m by no means snobby about my curries or chicken tikka masala, but how many times have you suffered through some sort of watery concoction from a steam table where the flavors seem to have been dialed down to please a wider variety of palates? After finding out a new truck had popped up on Whitehall St. (btw. Bridge & Pearl) serving Indian food, I decided to go investigate and found out from one of the women that they’re calling themselves Desi Food on Wheels. The truck is mysteriously affiliated with a restaurant and while which one seems to be under lock and key, it doesn’t really matter if the food’s good. Read more »

Would You Eat Steam Table Indian From A Truck?

2012-08-17 12.25.55

Shout out to Lunch’er Ameet who alerted me to a new truck selling Indian food on Whitehall St., between Bridge & Pearl streets. When I checked out what they were offering on Friday I was surprised to see the food was coming from a steam table on the truck, and is apparently being brought from some other brick and mortar location. Click through for a look at what they’re serving.

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Giving Taste Of Tandoor’s Steam Table Indian An Official Review

One of my predecessors tried to eat at Taste of Tandoor on Church St. (btw. Warren & Chambers) back in 2009 and it did not go well. There were some words exchanged, and to make a short story even shorter, it ended with a review of Pakistan Tea House instead. Well, yesterday I was in need of a hearty lunch and decided to give T of T another shot to see if it was any better or worse than Bangal Curry or any of the other steam table Indian places in the lower part of Tribeca.

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Great Chicken Tikka And Pulao Rice From Indian Biryani Delights Cart

The growing cluster of biryani and kati roll carts at Broadway & Liberty was the only mobile source of these items until Biryani House launched a second location on William St. That left those of you in the other parts of the Financial District at a loss or at least stuck with regular chicken or lamb over rice options. Indian Biryani Delights perhaps sensed a need for some spiced meats in one of these holes and opened a month or so ago on Water St. btw. Maiden & Pine right next to the A-Pou’s Taste cart. Judging by the line and speed of service from the two young guys working the cart, you Luncher’s have been keeping them busy. It turns out that they’re serving some top notch Indian-spiced street meat and rice. Read more »

Ruchi Is A Rare Source Of Dosa In Lower Manhattan

The Indian restaurant Ruchi on Cedar St. (at Greenwich) would be easy to walk past without knowing it ever existed. The outside has been obscured by scaffolding for as long as I can remember, but if you work nearby you probably know the place for its 50% off lunch special which you wouldn’t even know about unless you’ve walked by and seen one of the many signs they have outside advertising the deal. The other day I was doing some online research that involved and made the random discovery that Ruchi has south Indian specialties dosa and uttapam on the menu, nd they’re all $9.95!

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