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Backyard Chicken Has Ribs, But Should You Order Them?

If you haven’t walked past tiny Backyard Chicken on Pearl St. (at John) in a while you should be aware that they have branched out from selling rotisserie chicken, changed the set up a little and got a new awning with a giant digital scrolling sign above it. This hole-in-the-wall is still that, but a nicer looking one. What drew me there was the promise on that digital sign of ribs (and pizza!?). But the question is: Can you trust a place specializing in chicken with your ribs?

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Popeyes New BBQ Chicken Sandwich Proves They Do Fried Foods Best

It’s rare that I actually want to step foot in a fast food restaurant although there have been a couple of gems discovered through reviews including Checkers and more recently, Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Popeyes is one of those places that I feel I can eat at every once in a while and not feel ashamed of it – completely unlike all those people who look embarassed to be eating at the Blimpie’s at John & Nassau every time I walk by. Normally, my go-to at Popeyes is spicy fried chicken but I’ve been intrigued by the BBQ chicken sandwich pictured in a giant sign on the window. It coincidentally came out around the same time as the BBQ pulled pork sandwich at Subway, although I trust the people at Popeyes more with making an edible lunch. The other day I took the plunge and stopped at Popeye’s on Fulton St. (btw. Broadway & Nassau) to see if they could do anything good with chicken besides fry it.

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Fatty Snack’s Food Is Worth Heading North of $10

I don’t know what’s in the water, but twice in two days on this site we’ve endorsed paying more than $10 for a lunch that may still leave you hungry. Have we gone insane? No, but every once in a while you just have to pay up to eat something good. That’s what you’re going to do at Fatty Snack, the new kiosk joining Ed’s Lobster Bar and Quality Burger by the marina outside the World Financial Center. All of the main items on the menu hover around the $10 mark and since you’re probably going to want a side and/or drink it’s going to get expensive. But judging by the items I tried it’s totally worth it. Read more »

It’s Official: Good, Cheap BBQ Does Not Exist In The FiDi

After both Express BBQ in Tribeca and the Picnick Smoked mobile unit left us the lone remaining seller of barbequed meats (at least that I’m aware of) was Texas Rotisserie & Grill. I ate there as one of my first lunches for this site but got the rotisserie chicken and a chicken sandwich. But they also sell “Texas platters” of BBQ beef, pork or chicken and also beef brisket. I was intrigued by the brisket (and also really wanted the cheap fried chicken meal, which has nothing to do with BBQ) but instead I got the BBQ pulled pork platter ($9). This restaurant seemed to be on the same level as Dallas BBQ, but I figured I had to at least try their “real pit smoked BBQ” advertised on the front of the menu. For research, of course.

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The Picnick Smoked Cart Is Apparently MIA


Last week, lunch’er Serene wrote in to say she went looking for the Picnick Smoked cart and that she was basically led on a wild goose chase at the two Picnick kiosks in Battery Park looking for supposed BBQ items served there. Indeed, the Picnick Web site says that the “full BBQ menu is available at the kiosks.” When I went to look on Tuesday, that was definitely not the case. Read more »

Texas Rotisserie Is a Comfort Food Paradise


On a particularly cool and rainy day, I was in the mood for something meaty and hearty. In other words, I wanted some good old-fashioned comfort food. That was how I ended up at Texas Rotisserie & Grill on Fulton Street – where you can get a gut bomb or a marginally “healthy” meal squarely in the Midtown Luncher price range. Read more »

Express BBQ Goes Under

Express BBQ ClosedSound the funeral dirge; Express BBQ (27 Park Place @ Church St.), downtown’s go-to spot for barbecue (at least when Picnick Smoked isn’t around), appears to be shuttered for good.  This news comes to us courtesy of Lunch’er Andy who noticed something wasn’t quite right when he came off the E train this morning.  And Kevin only just took a closer look at this place! In Andy’s own words, “Sad day when downtown BBQ loses a venue.”  Amen to that.  I guess we’re back on the hunt for mo’ betta’ BBQ again.