Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

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Midtown workers shouldn’t have all the fun, so to even the score, I’ve brought on Daniel Krieger as an official Downtown Lunch Correspondent to write up some of the tasty stuff you can get in the lower half of Manhattan. He’s a great photographer (ensuring good food porn), but more importantly he is a lover of cheap, unique and delicious eats (or as I like to call it- Midtown Lunch’ish food.) This week he hits up Mix Grill, a newly opened Middle Eastern place that is practically an indoor street meat vendor.

Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

Mix Grill is a recently opened addition to the cheap downtown lunch scene. Located at 165 Church street, it is essentially a standard lunchtime street cart- situated in a small brick-n-mortar. Even the menu is similar to what you would find while standing on line at cart on the sidewalk. With the weather getting chilly though, this might be a good place to check out for all your shawarma, falafel, and shish kebab desires.

Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

I’m a fan of chicken shwarma so I wanted to check this place out, especially when I saw the large spit of rotating greasy chicken pieces stacked on top of each other slowly spinning around. After drooling for a few minutes by the window the owner said either come in and buy something or I’m calling the cops.

I went in.

Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

They offer sandwiches served in pita, but I went with the suggested “shawarma wrap” instead ($5.50), and a more than generous order of crispy french fries (for a meager $1.50.)

Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

The shawarma had a nice flavor but was not hot enough temperature wise… maybe the heating coils weren’t on full blast or maybe it was because the wrap wasn’t warmed up (I like when those places throw them on the grill before assembling the sandwich). Best shawarma ever? Not at all. I have to say the last memorable one I had was at Tahini on St. Marks place (formerly named Chick Pea). But Mix Grill is completely sufficient if you’re in the area and have the craving.

They also have a variety of dips including two types of baba ganoush and hummus. There’s the regular version and then one called “Robust” which has more spices. I tasted the hummus “Robust” which was good, but essentially hummus with an extra dash of turmeric.

Downtown Lunch: Mix Grill

On their takeout menu, the word CATERING overshadows the name of the restaurant, so I guess they’re going to push that aspect of the business… well, either that or it was a crappy menu printing job, which might also explain the other 20 mistakes on it, including 2 different spellings of shawarma. I’d give it another chance though… at least for those fries, and to try another sandwich.

Mix Grill, 165 Church Street (b/n Reade and Chambers), 212-227-0088



  • Those fries look excellent!

  • Shawarma WRAP? Weird. What else was in it? Looks like you got some relishy looking vegetables in there. Did you get to choose your “fillings”?

  • They are actually pretty common – Sahara Grill on 40th & 7th churns them out non-stop at lunch

    Nothing like having your juicy meat snugly wrapped at noon … wanna do lunch Mamacita?

  • Shawarma wrap sounds absolutely fantastic. Where else can I get one in Midtown; anywhere in the 50′s? Or else I’ll just have to trek to Sahara Grill shortly.

  • I’ve never had shwarma… can someone explain what that is exactly? Thanks!

  • Yvo – never had shawarma! you gotta try it check that out to start off with

    usually it’s a sandwich served in a pita.. that comes off those rotating spits like you see in the photo.. sometimes the lamb has too much filler in it (not sure exactly what they put there but it’s not 100% lamb)

    JustNancy – they put onions and I believe some cucumber in there..I just told them to make it how they think it should be made.. which I find is the best way to sample something like that, and also I think it makes cooks/chefs happy when they hear that.

  • mangostrawberry: Not in the 50s, but Mr. Broadway does an awesome chicken shawarma. Get it in their pita. Their condiments buffet area is amazing, too. It’s pretty pricey now, though. Defs not under $10. But it’s Friday, why not, if you’re considering a trek anyway… (Bway & 38th)

  • Olympic Pita has the best shawarma in Midtown.

  • Get the signature “Mix Grill” plate. It’s $10 and it’s enough for 3 people: Chicken shish kebabs, steak shish kebabs, grape leaf, rice with mixed nuts, some vegetables with hot and white sauce. I think I’m going to get it delivered over here today since it’s raining cats and dogs.

  • Mix Grill is doneski and will be replaced by a spot called Baba Ganoush within the next few weeks.

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