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Top July Posts: Street Meat; Blimpie; Zest; Chaat


Wow.  What a month.  Street Meat Palooza, our 13 cart chicken/lamb over rice showdown, probably would have been enough to make any month “the best.”  Toss in a spicy off-the-menu vegetarian sub from Blimpie, Szechuan Gourmet, and a complete translation of the menu at Taj Delhi Chat, and I think July ’08 may go down as Midtown Lunch’s best… month… ever.  I’m pretty sure it will never be topped… until Street Meat Palooza 2 of course.  Here’s the top 10 posts of the month:

1. Street Meat Palooza: A 13 Cart Chicken/Lamb Over Rice Showdown
2. The “Special Vegetarian” Sandwich at Blimpie is the Spiciest Sandwich in Midtown
3. Zaiya Opens Cafe Zest in Midtown, With Full Restaurant Coming Soon
4. A Guide to the Best Indian Street Food in Midtown: Translating the Menu at Taj Delhi Chat
5. Szechuan Gourmet: Day 1 as a New York Times 2 Starred Restaurant
6. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Thai-Nam
7. Profiled: Midtown Lunch’ers “Joyce & Sarah”
8. Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er “Nina”
9. Off the Menu Filet o’ Fish at Zen Burger
10. Downtown Lunch: Bon Bon Chicken

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Top June Posts: Kirsten & Ryan, Chop’t, Ecuadorian Street Food

Top Posts June

Say goodbye to June, but look back at all the good times we had.  A new movie gave Go Go Curry and Ying Du fans a heart attack, while I was busy discovering how I could create a salad nightmare at Chop’t (hint: get the po’boy and add general tso’s dressing.)  You guys seem to love Midtown Lunch’er “Janine”, even a tad bit more than the Ecuardorian lady on 46th who sells food out of a grocery cart.  Here’s the top ten posts of the month:

1. Kirsten Dunst & Ryan Gosling Close Down Go Go Curry & Ying Du
2. Chop’t is As Terrifying as You Would Think
3. PROFILE: Midtown Lunch’er “Janine”
4. Secret Street Food of Midtown: Ecuadorian on 46th
5. Price Hikes: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
6. Famous Chicken Place Has a Damn Good Gyro Sandwich
7. Shocker: There is Something I Like at Crisp
8. Thursday is Hideki Matsui’s Birthday; Triple Free Coupon Day at Go Go Curry
9. Profiled: Midtown Lunch’er “Vanessa”
10. Olympic Pita Wins Me Over With Laffa & French Fries

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Top May Posts: Free Food, Breakfast Sandwich, Crisp

May was all about the free food, with giveaways being offered by Pret, Golden Krust, Yorganic, and the big one- free lunch Tuesdays at (more expensive than $10 for lunch) The Volstead.  It proves that either a) restaurants love giving away free shit, or b) you people are a bunch of freeloaders who only come to this site for free stuff!  (It’s probably a little bit of both.)  Anyway, here’s what you guys were clicking on in the month of May:

  1. FREE FOOD ALERT: Volstead to Offer Free Tuesday Lunch to All Midtown Lunch Readers
  2. Midtown Breakfast: Greatest Breakfast Sandwich of All Time
  3. Breaking News: Crisp Unveiled and Open for Business
  4. Thursday Free Food Alert: Yorganic
  6. Tamales Will Make the Perfect Cinco De Mayo Lunch
  7. PROFILED: Midtown Lunch’er “Crazy Legs Conti”
  8. First Look: Hallo Berlin Express
  9. Is Gyro II the Best Gyro Midtown Has to Offer
  10. Is China Gourmet the Best General Tso’s Chicken in Midtown?

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Top April Posts: Chipotle, McD’s & Newsstand Indian

Ahhh memories… April was pretty crazy.  Chipotle tried to pull a fast one with their ”Calorie Ranges”, the 3 sushi rolls for $10 deal came (and went), a ton of free stuff was given away, and we were teased with both Chick Fil A & the possibility of a Sizzler.  I don’t see how May can top it.  Here were the most read posts on Midtown Lunch for the month of April: 

  1. Basic Math Blows Holes in Chipotle’s Absurd Calorie Range
  2. McDonald’s Attempts to Bring Chick-Fil-A to Manhattan
  3. The Best Indian Food in Manhattan May Be Sold Out of the Back of a Newsstand
  4. Macaron Cafe Brings a Bit of Paris to Midtown
  5. Tuesday Free Food Alert: Look, Jamba Juice & Starbucks are Doing Something!
  6. Nanking Opens First Manhattan Location in the Heart of Midtown
  7. 3 Quality Sushi Rolls for $10. Aoki Me!
  8. Is the McGraw Hill Building Getting a Sizzler?
  9. Cafe Cello May Have the Best Fried Chicken in Midtown
  10. Goodburger Adds Crabby Patty to Distinguish Itself from Crowded Midtown Burger Scene

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