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Free Sample Alert: Sign of the Economic Apocalypse


Things have gotten so bad that even Magnolia Bakery (on 49th & 6th) has to resort to offering free samples to drum up business! Don’t ask me why I was in there… I didn’t buy anything, but I took a free sample of carrot cake. I’m not going to lie- their cupcakes may be mediocre but that carrot cake freebie was goooood.

The Under $10 All Dessert Lunch

Midtown Lunch has always been a community effort, and I have no problem turning the site over to contributors.  Especially when it comes to desserts.  I love the sweets just as much as the next fat guy (or skinny girl), but if given the choice between dessert, or an extra entree- I’m going for the savory.  So when Danny from the blog Food in Mouth offered up a post about his “all dessert, under $10 lunch” I was like… uh… yeah! -Zach

banana pudding

Awhile back one of the Profiled Midtown Lunch’ers posed a question about Midtown desserts that got me thinking. “What if I just ate desserts for my $10 dollars? What can I get with that?” I know how this must look- guy forgoes street food, pizzas, or a hearty sandwich in place of… banana pudding. Might as well trade in my fantasy basketball team for the current issue of Vogue or spend my Saturday nights watching Sex and the City instead of catching up on Heroes and Chuck. I don’t really have a response, so I’ll get started on the actual eating…

First up was Magnolia’s Bakery on 49th and 6th Ave. You could probably spend ten dollars here without going anywhere else. Some of you might take exception to their cupcakes, which sometimes lack moistness. Instead, try the banana pudding which is on-par with most other cupcakeries in the city. It’s rich, lucious, and velvety. It’ll remind you of Ivanka Trump, and it’ll disappear just as fast as she did during that free food giveaway.

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Magnolia & Crumbs Have Sporadic Free Samples; Cupcakes Seem to Be Recession Proof

Banana Pudding From Magnolia Bakery. Photograph from Serious Eats:New York

Earlier today I noted how Cosi was unusually empty at lunchtime… Lunch’er “Adam” checks in to say Magnolia Bakery & Crumbs are having no such problems (and Crumbs did have some free mini cupcakes, as promised):

During lunch, I visited the two new cupcake shops in Midtown. Here is my report… I first hit up Crumbs on Madison between 52+53rd Streets. Although I wouldn’t classify their sampling as “aggressive,” as the manager had promised, there were free mini vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top sitting on a plate next to the registers. Only about 8 cupcakes remained when we arrived. My friend and I each grabbed two in rapid succession, as it was clear the cupcakes wouldn’t last for long. We were correct — in a matter of 3 minutes, all of the cupcakes were gone. We decided to wait it out to see if there would be a new plate put out, but no luck. One woman even walked in and asked for free samples, but was told they were all gone. We made it just in the nick of time! But that victory was short lived…

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Magnolia Bakery Is Officially Open; Obika, Not So Much

Magnolia Midtown
The new Magnolia Bakery on 49th & 6th Avenue is officially open, and take a good look at the photo above… because that is emptiest you will ever see this place.  Profiled Midtown Lunchers Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake, and Blondie and Brownie (from Blondie and Brownie) were there, so if you’re interested in how the sweets are I’m sure you will get a good write up on their sites.  I will however say this… fans of the Downtown Magnolia- don’t expect downtown prices.  This is Rock Center, and inflated Midtown pricing applies.

The other long awaited Midtown opening, Obika (the Mozzarella Bar on Madison and 55th) is still not open.  Photo, plus the latest news- after the jump… Read more »

Just What Midtown Needs: More Cupcakes & More Tourists

New Magnolia in Midtown
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Fans of mediocre cupcakes, your day of joy has finally arrived.  Magnolia Bakery is set to open their 3rd location in Midtown next week on 49th and 6th, in the space formerly occupied by Citarella. Brownie from Blondie and Brownie crashed their opening party last night, and sent along a ton of photos.  Just what we need… more lines of gawking tourists clogging up the sidewalks during lunch. Thanks, but no thanks.

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