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DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West Celebrates their 500th Hotel & National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Come Enjoy a Warm Cookie and a Chance to Win a Stay at their New 500th Hotel!

WHO: DoubleTree by Hilton New York Times Square West

WHAT: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day –

Monday, May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and The DoubleTree by Hilton is celebrating! Between the hours of 2PM and 4PM, the newly opened hotel will be handing out their famous warm DoubleTree Cookies in their outdoor atrium. All are welcome to stop by and enjoy a warm DoubleTree Cookie.

Attendees are invited to take a guess at how many chocolate chips are in their cookie jar… The person with the closest guess receives a complimentary 1 night stay and a copy of Doubletree’s Cookie Cookbook – “We Have Cookies: Taste the World of DoubleTree by Hilton.”

WHERE: 350 West 40th Street, (between 8th and 9th Avenues)

WHEN: Monday, May 15th | 2PM – 4PM

Freeloaders, engage!


  • holy shit, is this new content?

    *grasping chest*

    • …and it includes that classic old Zach line: Freeloaders engage!

      I’m gettin’ a little misty here…..

  • ….and of course I am late on my sacred duty yet again….




    The “Freak of the SHORT week” edition


    The “am I the last man standing?” edition

  • Still here, though Rudy McBagel tried to off me back in ’09.

  • Guys I really appreciate y’all still reading. Do you have any tips for places I should check out while I have your attention??

    Also, I know you may scoff but I recently checked out Beyond Sushi (new sitdown location on 39th I think? it’s close to Penn/PATH area) and it was surprisingly good even vegetarian (vegan?). They should have their full liquor license now so it’s good for happy hours too!

    • Place screaming for a writeup is Great Northern in Grand Central Terminal … their hot dog place too, which is separate and around the corner.. could dedicate a whole week to all the offerings.

      If that does not appeal there is also a new poke place on the one block in midtown left without one… 55 between 5/6 – Blue Ocean

    • - UrbanSpace food stalls opened on Broadway in the mid-30s last week.

      - Gourmet mega-deli FRAME opened some time ago but never got any press on ML. They have a huge variety, very good food, and are very affordable, mostly in the ML range. The pork belly sandwich in particular is a standout.

      - Mexicue has shrunk everything that was popular by half the size (burritos, enchiladas, etc.) and now suck. Dos Toros (2 doors down) are now the taco and burrito destination for west 40s.

      - On a related note, Blue Maiz, a carbon copy of Dos Toros, opened on 8th avenue between 39th and 40th. Reviews among my co-workers are mixed to favorable.

      - The Chop Steak truck has resurfaced on 40th street and (IMO) are one of the best deals in the city. for 9-10 dollars you get some excellent marinated steak (several choices), fries, rice, and steamed vegetables.


    The “Lunchtime Lugers cheeseburger (MR) FTW” edition

  • I took a donkey punch, but it was a resuscitator.


    The “cicadas have gone away” edition

  • good to hear from you, JS. How are you doing with the health issues? The tour I’d want if I could ever find the cash and time for it would be of the RTM plus Johns Roast Pork

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