$6 Steak Sandwiches from Charlie Palmer Steak

Tip from my brother – this morning Charlie Palmer Steak gave away steak sandwiches to the first 50 people to prove to them that they were following Charlie Palmer on social media; but the menu says if you missed out on the first 50, you can still get it for $6! That’s a steal!

No word on whether the first 50 free is a daily thing or just today, but I say give it a shot anyway.

Happy Labor Day and a picture of the steak sandwich he got, after the jump…

Looks pretty big. Thanks for the tip, bro!

Charlie Palmer Steak
5 E 54th St
New York, NY 10022


  • Thank you for the tip, Yvo-brother!

    It’s a solid sandwich. Tender strips of warm medium-rare steak, tons of bleu cheese that rather dominates any horseradish. Not overflowing with steak, but ridiculous for $6 + tax.

    I didn’t get the “truffle chips” because I’m certain they use the abomination that is white truffle oil.

    • Was the line ridiculous? Was it hard to find? Thanks for checking in!

      • They’ve set up a table outside the entrance for the sandwiches, which are in a takeout container in a CP bag, and a podium for exchanging money for goods. Two well-dressed employees greet and serve. There were a few tourists milling about but no actual line. It took all of two minutes after I figured out no one was waiting their turn.

        They have a sandwich with the same description on the lunch menu for $19. I think this is a pared-down version, and well worth your $6.


    The “thank god for Yvo” edition

  • Also:

    - Brand new Xi’An Famous Foods just soft-opened today on 54th between 5th and 6th. Tomorrow is the grand opening. The place was empty except for me and one other customer around 2:30pm.

    - New ‘coming soon’ signs for Dos Toros are up on 40th street between Broadway and 6th (fuck you in advance, Eeyore).

  • Have you all been to the African steam table place on 29th and 7th? I went last week- so many types of meat, I was obviously in heaven 0:-)



    The “Thursday is the new Tuesday, right? right? *sigh* ok, yeah, it isn’t, I just suck” edition

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