Beyond Sushi’s Veggie Sushi is Much Less Scary Than it Sounds

Beyond Sushi has been open on 56th Street since late last year. But considering they specialize in vegetarian sushi, it’s no wonder this is the first we are writing about it on this site.

The company been very popular in the city with their two other locations on 14th Street and inside Chelsea Market. And based on the line I encountered at lunch, they’re also quite popular with the Midtown set.

Here’s the thing: this isn’t just cucumber and avocado rolls. And it’s not lots of tofu and fake fish. It’s actually beautifully composed vegetable rolls served with richly flavored sauces that might even fool you into eating your vegetables.

Of course, fancy vegetable rolls aren’t cheap. Each roll costs close to $7, but if you stick with a combo option you could spend just over $10 and still have a tasty light lunch. They have a roll and piece of the month which was tempting, but at almost $9 for a single roll, ordering it was out of the question.

I picked 1 roll and 1 wrap for $10.98 and left mostly satisfied. I did get hungry sooner rather than later, but I really loved what I ate.

My roll was the Green Machine which is six grain rice stuffed with cucumbers and asparagus and topped with basil marinated vegetables and a dollop of jalapeño wasabi. The fresh flavors and textures really fooled me into thinking I was eating a sushi roll with protein inside. And I especially enjoyed the crunchy green asparagus. There could have been more heat to the wasabi sauce, but it was a nice lively addition to the roll.

I went totally crazy for the Spicy Shroom wrap though. This was awesome with a lot of flavors going on. It comes topped with a sweet, spicy red sauce, but I asked for the shiitake teriyaki (which comes with take-out orders) and that brought the entire thing to life. The mushrooms are enoki, portabella, and shiitake, which are paired with buckwheat noodles, pickled ginger, and crunchy cashews. All the ingredients are wrapped in romaine lettuce and rice paper. Surpriingly, it’s spicy and smoky with serious mushroom flavor.

The seating area is tiny so most of these orders are taken to go. I know how most of you feel about vegetables but this is truly worth trying. If anything can come close to succeeding at a healthy, vegetarian lunch, this is it!

Beyond Sushi, 62 West 56th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Avenue), (646) 964-5097


  • Six-grain rice? There are six varieties of rice in there, or is this something stranger?

    • Look at it … there are just six grains of rice in the whole roll (additional grains cost $1.25 each)

      needs a bacon crust and a nice foie gras demi-glace

  • Went there last week. It’s on the healthy side of things. I’m not sure if people will find it filling enough for the price. But the taste was fine and the veggies were fresh.

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