Hit Your V Spot – New Truck Brings Vietnamese Food Mobile

Last Friday, I spotted a new truck parked on the southwest corner of 53rd and Park – next to Brooklyn Grandma and across from Freddy’s. At 1:15 pm, there was a sizeable crowd outside the truck – exacerbated by how narrow the sidewalk is there (thus the very awkwardly angled photo of the truck). It seemed like everyone was waiting for their food, and a quick glance into the truck showed two people looking very harrowed as they scurried around the interior, presumably putting together orders.

A snap of the menu shows that they currently only offer rice platters for $9 (choice of pork patty, tomato tofu casserole, or sliced pork sausages, with sliced tomato and cucumber over jasmine rice or V Spot special ground pork rice), and a few appetizers (fried Vietnamese crab and shrimp flavored chips for $4; Vietnamese spring rolls/cha gio, 3/$5 or 6 for $9). When I walked past again closer to 2, the shutter was down and the crowd was gone – I assume they sold out of everything so shut down.

I tweeted at them to find out if they had a website (no) or a set schedule they plan to adhere to, and will they offer noodle dishes find out more about the menu – I don’t think pho would be that great to serve out of a truck (or we’d have ramen trucks already…), but “bun” or Vietnamese cold vermicelli noodle salad bowls would be totally great out of a truck. They’re basically shredded lettuce and cold vermicelli noodles topped with the same proteins as the rice platters, so it’s just a little extra work…

UPDATE 7/25/14: Reader locondcoco sent in the above pic after going by the truck today. Fastest turnaround time for a menu item request ever? – they now offer platters with vermicelli as well! It looks like they got rid of the tomato tofu casserole though, so it doesn’t appear there are any vegetarian options . Also gone is the “Vspot special ground pork rice” but pork-lovers, no fear: just about every dish on the menu contains pork. Thanks locondcoco!

In any case, though they didn’t mention where they’d be the other days, they tweeted back that they plan to be in the same spot (southwest corner of 53rd and Park) on Friday this week, and that the menu is still in the testing phase, so hopefully noodle dishes will appear soon!

Anyone try this truck this past week? Early adopters, let us know in comments what you had and what you thought!

Hit Your V Spot Vietnamese Cuisine, check their Twitter or Facebook for location information!


  • glad to be of service. too bad I didn’t try it. and for the readers, they were on 52/6 (i’m sure they’re long gone by now). but perhaps V Spot rice = Vspot special ground pork rice? Since the original said either white jasmine or the pork rice.

    • Whoops! I split my time between 53/Park and 52/6 so it didn’t even register in my mind that this wasn’t where they said they’d be. And I didn’t notice that it said “V Spot rice” – thanks for pointing that out!

  • I can never find the V-spot

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    I’ve recently moved to DC and the pho food trucks are everywhere here. Best part about them are the names – What the Pho?, Pho Junkies, Zombie Pho Truck. I mean, who wouldn’t want pho from a zombie truck?? Awesome V Spot picked up the vermicelli so quickly though, really nice on a hot day.

    • Oh, interesting! I would think that’s an awkward thing to eat on the street, or do you bring it back to the office to eat it?

  • I gave it a go, as it was on 52/6 again today. got #1, V Spot special. I got it over the VSpot rice. you don’t get much for your $9. but i’m full. at the moment. I don’t think I will be in 60 min.

    It comes in a regular rectangular chinese take out container. Inside is the rice, protein, a tiny salad (lettuce and cherry tomatoes) and a container of fish sauce.

    the pork patties I think are just what would be the filling of a spring roll, just flattened and fried, probably slightly smaller than a coaster. I liked it, just not for the over abundance of scallions. it does in fact come with “Vspot special ground pork rice”, renamed “VSpot rice”. basically its regular white rice with some “gravy” over it, which contains ground pork and diced radish and again, what seemed like an over abundance of scallions. What I didn’t like is how they put the sauce container inside, because that means you’re getting less actual food.

    otherwise, decent meal. would only get it if it were parked here again, only because of the convenience.

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