The Steak Freak Cart is No Substitute For a Steakhouse


When we got a tip from a reader about the new Steak Freak cart parked on 52nd and 6th Avenue, I became very interested. Lots of carts serve beef, but I’m not aware of any that specialize in steak. Could this be a “steak house” on wheels that serves steak frites for under $10? Was I expecting too much?


The cart is just over two weeks old and the menu is mostly comprised of different steak preparations, marinades, and accompaniments. I asked the guys on the cart which they recommend and took them up on the suggestion for Steak Kimchi. I was especially interested in this since they are parked right next to the Gobuki cart, which does both kimchi and steak pretty well.


I’m not sure exactly what cut of beef was used, but it was definitely one of the cheaper and less flavorful cuts. In my mind, flavorful and fatty short rib (galbi) would have been the obvious choice here. Instead, I got strips of chewy and flavorless overcooked beef. Aside from some sesame seeds, I’m not sure it was seasoned at all. The kimchi added some spice, but even that was a bit oily.


On the bright side, there was a decent amount of beef mixed in with the kimchi. It wasn’t the worst plate of steak I’ve tasted, but I’m not sure I’m willing to spend $8 for this when there are more tasty steak options available at other nearby carts for similar prices.

Perhaps the other steak plates at Steak Freak are better (maybe I’m too accustomed to sweet and smoky Korean galbi) or this cart will improve over time. But for now, I’m still waiting for when we get a legit steak cart serving peppery medium rare steaks. Now that will be a Midtown Lunch.

Steak Freak, SW Corner of 52nd and 6th Avenue


  • I’ve been wondering about this cart since I first saw it. Thanks for the heads up!

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    If you want to eat steak of dubious origin in midtown, the obvious choice is Tad’s Steaks, a true NYC classic. You might want to consider rethinking your life choices, either way.

  • I haven’t visited them mainly because of the stupid logo, which upside-downs the “ea” into “69″. Huh huhhuh huh. So freaky.

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    I like how it’s a “Menu”.

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    I had the steak frites from this cart. The Frites were absolutely top class, but the steak was overcooked and a bit tasteless. I’ve been tempted to go back for just the frites to be honest….

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    Signed up just to comment on this cart. Liked it a lot and dont think this review did it justice. Ive been twice, got the frittes both times. One time it came with a good salad, the other with oninons (which I didnt eat.) Either way, I enjoyed both meals.

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