Lunch Links (The “Best Corner Slice” Edition)

A Sacco’s Pizza slice. Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: NY
  • J Kenji Lopez-Alt’s favorite corner slice is on 54th & 9th! [SENY]
  • Salvation Taco’s food is good, but their location sucks [Immaculate Infat]
  • Keens serves two excellent burgers in their pub room [Eater]
  • A violent protest broke out at Dishes last week over fair pay for its employees [DNAinfo]
  • Joe DiStefano hits up the Biryani Cart for a new street food special [Travel Channel]


  • Dishes is the most overpriced deli I the rates they are charging, they should at least pay their workers fair wages.

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    While Dishes IS overpriced (I can hardly get out of there without spending $15 for a decent-sized lunch), I do not mind paying that money for their delicious, (mostly) healthy, and creative dishes. However, I can only eat there once every two or three weeks at those prices. I support the right to protest, but I lose a lot of respect for the protestors as a result of their disruptive and violent behavior (including assaulting a customer!). I hope they are able to resolve their labor issues.

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