Angry Chicken Makes For a Happy Midtown Lunch

It’s possible to frequent Koreatown stalwart Food Gallery 32 and have no idea a top floor exists. Most of the food vendors are on the ground floor with a small seating area in the balcony. You have to venture even further up to the second floor to discover the newly opened Angry Chicken.


We learned about it last week thanks to a tweet that alerted us to a pretty amazing deal. They’re offering a special opening price of $5.99 for a half chicken and $9.99 for a whole chicken (tax included). The meal comes with vegetables, cole slaw, and roasted potatoes.

The stall is quite large and I was surprised to learn that all they were serving was the chicken. Seemed like they had the space to do lots more. I even watched the employees cutting up pork belly and stuffing it in a bun. I was hoping it might be a special, but it was some sort of family meal that was only being served to the employees.

Regardless, I was impressed with my large plate of food. The guys even cut up the chicken for me so it was easier to eat. There were some nicely charred potato chunks and a variety of colorful vegetables for a well-balanced meal. The chicken was decent. It wasn’t the most flavorful rotisserie chicken I’ve ever had (and it was far from angry), but it was nicely seasoned and filling. I was surprised that there wasn’t much of a Korean flavor (as they had advertised on their sign).

The plate was also served with a crisp white kimchi and a cole slaw that was slightly too heavy on the mayo for my tastes. Two sauces rounded things out: a sweet brown sauce and a medium hot sauce. It was nice to dip the chicken into both for some contrasting flavors.

They’ll be offering this special price for the next few weeks and then the price will go up about $3. As it stands right now, it’s a great deal for a filling meal. And if you order the half chicken, you’ll have some money left over to get a cupcake from Spot Bakery across the way.

Angry Chicken at Food Gallery 32, 11 W 32nd St (btw. B’way+5th)


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