Men Kui Tei Does A Pretty Decent Oyako Don

While I am still majorly bummed about Katsuhama pricing their oyako don out of the ML budget, I’ve been trying to find a new go-to spot. Recently, I hit up Men Kui Tei to check out theirs — don’t count out the rice dishes at this probable Bittman secret favorite restaurant — even though ramen is half the menu, they do very well with most everything they offer. So how did their oyako don stack up?

Men Kui Tei’s oyako don is $9 and comes with a small plate of takuan (pickled daikon). They add sliced shitake and julienned snow peas to the traditional dark meat chicken, onion and egg. The rice absorbs a lot of the soy-laced dashi, giving it a luxurious texture with subtle flavor. My only complaint was that the egg cooked through, which is not my preference — I like mine a little softer. Also, there are no scallions on top, which is not a deal-breaker, but I enjoy the sharp contrast in flavors of the fresh green onion with the cooked yellow onion. All in all, a pretty decent frontrunner.

Men Kui Tei, 60 W. 56th St. (btw. 5 & 6th), 212-757-1642

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    Men Kui Tei is one of inferior Japanese restaurants in town. Everything tastes so bland. I would give 60 out of 100 at best.

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