Your First Look at the Tri Tip Grill Grand Central

The dining options in Grand Central are about to get a lot more interesting with Tri Tip Grill and Shake Shack set to occupy nearby spots in the downstairs concourse of the station. Working in Rock Center I’ve become a fan of Tri Tip and I’ve been curious how they’ll operate in the old Central Market Grill space. We checked in with the owner Dave Kassling, who gave us a peek at the rendering of the new space.

According to Dave, the Grand Central Tri Tip will carry much of the same menu as the Rock Center branch, but they’ll be adding their Greek Salad to the menu permanently, and will not be offering burgers. My main concern was crowds. Grand Central is already a mob scene. Could they really handle cooking for that many people in that small a space? The owner assures that “we will have 3 POS terminals, and we have carefully designed our kitchen so that speed will be our number 1 priority. By taking out burgers (burgers take longer to prepare) the overall ticket time per customer will drop.” Seems like a sensible decision since Shake Shack will be just across the way. The new Tri Tip is on track to open in late October / early November. We’ll keep you posted.


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