Lunch Links (The “Sloppy Fries” Edition)

Schnipper’s photo courtesy of Tasty Eating

  • The sloppy fries at Schnipper’s are fantastic [Tasty Eating]
  • KalBQ‘s kimchi taco has too much lettuce [Fork in the Road]
  • Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches are now $6!? [Blondie and Brownie]
  • Liza hits up Kelvin Slush for one of her great videos [Food Curated]
  • Alfama has a Portuguese bread kiosk in the front of the restaurant [GS]
  • Ma Peche defeats Mailaino to move on in the BIB [Eater]
  • Chipotle on 9th leaves a lot of guac wreckage in the sewers [Observer via Eater]


  • goats, i believe the skyscraper challenge must be done in 5 minutes now. still no prob, i’m sure.

    • When we went a couple of weeks ago, we were told we got 10 mins to finish though and ate it in around 5 with ease.
      They should really advertise their time limit if it has been revised.

  • That’s a load of bs. On the sign, there is no time limit, so I was pissed when they imposed the 10 min limit when we got there. But now it’s 5??? That’s some MAJOR BS! F Coolhause. Their regular ice cream sandwiches are highway robbery at $6. And now they’ve made the skyscraper incredibly hard for anyone except slightly competitve eaters such as myself. Just make the dam thing bigger–and don’t have a ridiculous time limite. I say 10 scoops, 12 cookies, 15 min. 20 bucks. Eat it and it’s free.

    • That is 2 skyscapers in 15 mins. Pretty sure we and plenty other MLers can both do it. I had no problems with the scoops and the cookies were where the effort was needed.

      I still don’t see the imposed 10 mins on the website. Their fine print must be microscopic…

    • Are you going to pay costs? I’m guessing that’s going to be a loss leader regardless of whether you finish it.

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