Get Your Corn Dog on at Shake Shack Today

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York

Shake Shack is kicking off their annual 4th of July celebration early with Corn Dogs ($4.50) and their special Blueberry Pie-Oh-My concrete ($6.50). Their Corn Dogs, which feature Vienna dogs dipped in housemade batter, deep-fried w/Corn Relish, only come around a few times a year and they’re serving them at all Shacks (except Madison Sq, sorry Flatiron!) today through Monday. Unfortunately the Corn Dog plus concrete will take you a buck over the ML, but as a pie concrete fan (blend a pie slice with custard), I’d wager it’s worth the splurge.

Shake Shack, 691 8th Ave. (on 44th Street), 646-435-0135


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    I’m eating a Shake Shack corn dog right now as I’m typing this (from the downtown location) – best corndog I’ve ever had!

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    I am definitely going to try that corn dog this weekend. It looks amazing. And I love that they have a little vegetable side with it. I’ve always thought they should start serving cole slaw as a little antidote to all the meat and the greasy fries. But those concretes are just plain evil. Evil I tell you!

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