Flatiron Lunch: Punjab Palace is Now P&P Restaurant


Walking down 30th Street the other day, I was surprised to find the sign for Punjab Palace had been taken down. If you recall, I’ve always been a big fan of the wide selection and huge portions they serve up. I stopped in to check it out, and found that things are definitely a bit different about my old favorite.

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I can’t say whether the management has changed, but there were flyers around touting P&P Restaurant, even though the Punjab Palace signage is still visible. They had always advertised a selection of African, American, Arabic, Indian and Pakistani food, but at least based on the crowd, they’ve definitely picked up the African audience. The change in format (and possibly ownership) seems to have brought in the African tour bus sellers that I’d previously found congregating at B&B, a couple blocks west.


Really though, the big change is that the counter service has been replaced by a buffet. I’m not the zen master of the by the pound counter that Zach is, so these things always make me a little nervous. The prices vary depending on what you’re getting. Veggies and rice cost $4.99/lb, while meat and rice is $5.99 and meat only is $6.99.

I did the obvious thing and got a spoonful of rice and went to town on the meats and veggies.


The selection is still broad with representation from Africa and the subcontinent along with some American options tossed in. I grabbed a few scoops of varied curried meats and a couple veggies.


In the end, I got rice, a chicken leg/thigh quarter with coconut curry sauce, a couple chunks of tender stewed beef and a few boney bits of goat. I also got some spinach, which had bits of chicken mixed in. All together, it cost $7. That’s definitely not as great a deal as what I recall from previous visits, but it’s tough to complain considering all the food I got.

I can’t say I’m not disappointed to find the prices aren’t what they once were, but the changes in format should allow room to explore more food all at once. I’m sure to be back to try out more of what the buffet has to offer.

P&P Restaurant (fka Punjab Palace), 11 West 30th Street, between Broadway and 5th Ave. 212-631-8021


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