Spice Hunters Will Want to Try Glaze Teriyaki’s ‘Hottest’ Teriyaki Sauce

GlazeIf you’re in the mood for a spicy food challenge for lunch, a la Man Vs. Food, you’ll want to check out Glaze Teriyaki’s ‘Hottest’ teriyaki sauce ($1.50 suppl), which they cooked up after hearing feedback that their spicy sauce wasn’t hot enough. They took the challenge seriously, by adding a hurting of habanero and other Asian chili peppers into their homemade teriyaki sauce.

Glaze Teriyaki Chicken Thigh Teriyaki

I stupidly took it upon myself to try this sauce on top of a chicken thigh teriyaki over brown rice ($7.75). Like its benign appearance, the flavors started off innocently enough – a nice balance of sweet from the fruit juice based sauce, salt, and smokiness from the char on the grilled chicken. The burnination will kick in a few seconds later and if you’re a man, you’ll power through. On the other hand, I only was able to finish half of the dish before the spice bested me.

As a point of reference, I don’t leave the 53rd & 6th halal cart without at least two cups of the red sauce in tow, and I keep a bottle of Tabasco sauce at my desk at work. So for the truly brave and the foolish, it may be worth it to pony up the extra $1.50 and test your mettle with Glaze’s new sauce.


  • I think you meant “do” in the first sentence of the last paragraph….

    I would try this. I haven’t done a spicy challenge in some time. I’ve been avoiding my own ghost chili bottle like the plague lately…

  • I wouldn’t cite your bottle of tabasco as a qualification for being able to handle heat…

  • That’s a nice little collection…

  • I want to go to there

  • $1.50 for some hot sauce on your food? Seriously?

  • Bring the pain! I have to head over there now.

  • like i mentioned on twitter last week, two of the spiciest sauces i’ve had in a while are a block away from one another — this one from Glaze and the special hot sauce at Pizza by Certe — not sure what they put in it, but it’s DAMN HOT and damn good, too.

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    I just tried it. It’s nowhere near as hot as you’re describing. I usually ask for extra red sauce and then take a couple of containers with me when I got to the 53 & 6 halal cart, using only a bit of the white sauce, so maybe I’m jaded.

    But this wasn’t tear-inducing, oh-my-god-my-tongue’s-on-fire heat. It was mild and sweet, with nary a kick after you swallow. I did like the taste, but it’s not that spicy. If you want spicy, try a big dollop of Matouk’s hot pepper sauce. I couldn’t finish my omelet after I accidentally put too much.

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    I just had it. For a better point of reference I’ve done the Phaal Curry Challenge. It took me 25 minutes, 10 more than I needed but it tasted like crap. I was using the lassi and raita to cover the taste as opposed to the spice. Afterwards, I was at a picnic in Central Park and went partying out with friends that night. Plus, I usually end up eating 5 or 6 raw Thai green chillies with every meal if I’m eating Pakistani or Indian food.

    That being said, this sauce was awesome! The back of my neck, my forehead, and my hair were drenched. Plus, my nose started running. However, as bad as the pain was it was tolerable because the sauce tasted awesome. I had a blast eating it and I would do it again!

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