Checking Out The Chana Masala Roll at Kati Roll (And an Angelo Sosa Reminder!)


Don’t forget… today Kati Roll Co. is debuting Angelo Sosa’s new Shrimp Masala Roll, and the Top Chef will be there himself from Noon to 2pm. I happened to be by Kati Roll earlier this week for lunch with Blondie and  had a chance to sample their Chana Masala roll for the first time.


The roll was actually a late addition to my lunch. I had already ordered their Achari Paneer roll (Indian cheese marinated in spicy sauce), but after I sat down I glanced up and happened to notice the poster on the wall advertising this new (?) special roll.

Chana Masala Kati Roll

I don’t think the chana masala roll is related to the shrimp masala roll that is debuting today.  I didn’t taste any coconut milk or any of the other spices that were in the shrimp roll description.  Instead the dominant flavors were chickpeas, red onions and plenty of cilantro sauce. It wasn’t particularly spicy and the chickpeas made this a little more filling than the average kati roll at Kati Roll,  (though you’ll still probably want to order 2 rolls to make a meal.)

I’ve been getting my kati rolls mainly from carts these days, so perhaps a Kati Roll regular could tell me if this has been available for a long time or if it’s a relatively new addition to the menu.

Kati Roll, 49 W. 39th St. (btw. 5+6th) 212-730-4280


  • The onions are where these guys lose it for me, too much for lunch, I don’t mind the spices or the heat but I feel like I took a bite out of onion every time I eat there, not a good feeling back at the office, get rid of the onions Kati Roll, try cabbage.

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    The chana masala roll has been around for a long time, at least several months, possibly much longer. It goes unnoticed because it’s not listed on the menu.

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    I was really looking forward to a chana masala roll on this first somewhat blustery cool fall day. I just wish they had cooked the chickpeas all the way through; they were hard.

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