L.A. Vendy Awards!?!

If Zach could have taken one thing with him to Los Angeles (besides a chicken and lamb over rice cart) it probably would have been this.  I think it’s official… he’s never moving back now.


  • Yeaaah that’s been in the woodwork for quite some time. very excited. I actually voted for them for the Pepsi (?) thing so that they could get money for this kind of event.

    Zach is still coming back for Street Meat Palooza 2010. he promised.

  • Who is this Zach fellow?

    I think given all the interest in him, he should be profiled as the next freak of the week

    There may even be a new theme song…..

  • Well, that does it!!!! I’m moving to LA too!!

    • Mama, you can’t leave too. You’re practically the glue to the current ML Team and the HH correspondent! I’m sure there are plenty of other foods in NYC to challenge your stomach too. Don’t start any ML riots now.

      And Zack better be back for SMP. No solid Halal chicken & lamb with white sauce & hot sauce means LA doesn’t warrant permanent residency. ;P

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