Kyochon is Back Open (And It’s “Fantastique”)

After closing for retraining on Thursday, Kyochon (on 5th btw. 32+33rd) is back open and the blog DelicatesseNY stopped by for a take out lunch the other day. Sadly the post is written in French, but we popped it into Google Translate and let the hilarity ensue!  It sounds as if the wings are still super small, but Stephanie seemed to enjoy them anyway.  She also seemed to be saying (and, granted we’re just going from google translate here) that Midtown Lunchers are hard to please, and not everybody wants to eat a whole chicken during lunch for under $10.  Also, Kyochon is fantastic and she will definitely be back.  Maybe the retraining worked? (Take that early haters!)

BREAKING: Kyochon Closes for Retraining!
The Really Early Word on Kyochon


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