Meet the Crew

Want to know who will be stepping up to run the Midtown site while I’m stuffing my face out in L.A.?  Check out our newly updated bio page. If you are an avid ML reader, the names should all be familiar. Plus more contributors will be added in the weeks to come…


  • oh

    a picture of mamacita

    it truly is a new era

  • Cool, Zach’s A-Team!

    B&B are surprise additions. Not Nutella and Dollar Bill.

  • The post from last week showed a recent pic and mama seemed much older but maybe it’s just the pics but they do seem like 2 different ladies.

  • Yeah, WTF???? Now I am REALLY confused….

    D, 30 people or so came to HH. You should return next time!

  • 30 people? Goats, you must’ve had double-vision. lol. It was closer to 15. Glad you had fun though and got home safe that night.

    I’d hope to meet more MLers at the next HH.

  • Unless you guys want Mamacita to go back into hiding, you should probably turn down the creep factor! :-)

  • So, with a larger crew, does this mean that we can get a slightly larger radius? (and so those of us suckers who are stuck working in Midtown North might get a recommendation that doesn’t require a subway ride)

  • Waay more than 15 street meas–I can name 15 right now! I think….At least 20!!! 20!

  • Creep factor one lady is in her forties and the other appears to be in her 20′s what’s the deal and as far as her hiding I could care less I was just confused

  • Are you sure you can name more than 15 at the last HH, Goats? lol. All good. Either way, a great turn-out.

    And I don’t believe I creeped out anyone at the last HH since I’m calmer in person and not a heavy-drinker. Especially not Mama who I never officially met. Oh well.

  • Sorry mamacita, not trying to creep you out. It’s just interesting seeing your pic when you’ve been so adamant about no pics in the past. Up next – we need a pic of Goats. and then Rudy after that.

  • D,
    Way send a girl back into hiding! And a bit rude to boot. The VV pic doesn’t look like me, even my girlfriends said they didn’t recognize me in it. First of all half my face is covered, the wind is blowing my hair to the side and because I had bad allergies that day, I was kinda squinting and freezing out there. I am very far from being 40. Can we move on now.

  • I’m sorry :o(