Magnolia’s Got S’mores

Cupcake lovers take note… Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake was at the Midtown branch of Magnolia Bakery this week (on 6th Ave. and 49th St.) where they’ve added a few new flavors. Apparently the new S’mores Cupcake is out of control good.


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    So friggin sick of this cupcake lemming-like idiocy.

    Wait, did you say an out of control good S’more cupcake? Across the street from my office?

    Am I really about to do this?

  • Across from me too (1251 AoA). Where ya at?

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    The Monday Shnitzel stop. Right outside our front door.

  • Oh, this is so not going to pull me into the store. The cupcakes are terrible. I don’t need to spend that much money for interesting frosting.

    If I want a s’more, I’ll have a s’more, not frosting. It’s easy enough to make them (you can use a toaster oven, trust me it works nicely) and for $3 I get all the ingredients I need.

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    Not only a cupcake, but one with s’more frosting! Doubly infantile!

  • this have this ridiculous snickers icebox pie or whatever they call it. probably like 1800 calories, and requires you to drink two glasses of milk. better than their cupcakes.

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    Who said anything about actually wanting a S’more?

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