Warning: Not Everything at Gulluoglu is Amazing

Looks really good, right?

On my first visit I was completely enamored with Gulluoglu, the Turkish baklava spot that opened on 52nd and 2nd a month ago. I only tried the meat and spinach boregi (amazing!) and a bunch of the sweets (every one, also amazing!), but vowed to return and try everything on their menu. Well, on my way to check out Barros Luco the other day I stopped in to pick up a little snack- a feta cheese filled acma. Sadly it was completely dry, and pretty terrible. (Maybe it was just old? Who knows…) It won’t stop me on my quest to eat everything in that place- but thought you should no. Boregi=good. Baklavas=good. Acma=bad.

Your First Look at Midtown’s Güllüoglu


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