Today is 45 Cent Slice Day at Famous Ray’s

Slice has the big news that Famous Ray’s Pizza will be celebrating their 45th Anniversary today by charging just 45 cents for a slice of pizza from 11am to Midnight. A regular cheese or sicilian slice will cost you just 45 cents, plus additional toppings and soda will also be 45 cents. Not sure which of the seemingly infinite number of Famous Ray’s locations are actually participating? According to the list on Slice, both 7th Avenue locations will be participating (one on 49th and one on 53rd), PLUS the one on 55th and Broadway.


  • I can confirm that the 53rd st one and the 55th/Broadway one both have the signs in front.

    I’m half tempted to go for it given that they flat out refuse to sell a plain slice during regular operation. If only I had 45 cents for every time I’ve heard or said “What do you mean you don’t sell plain slices?” or “I don’t want a slice with 8 toppings for $5″

  • Midtown pizza sucks anyway

  • I will take a walk up to 49th. Hopefully the tourists will be preoccupied w/ the naked cowboy.

  • the rays on broadway is worse then any pizza ive ever had…49 cents or not…pure suckyness

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    i left the one on 49th and 7th at 11:15 and the line was already out the door. it was moving quickly though because they’re barely warming the slices. and it’s only 2 slices per customer

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    I went to the one on 49th. Again, the line was out the door but moves quickly. I was in and out in about 10-15 minutes but the line had grown significantly by the time I left. There were no plain slices so you had to get a topping. Not a big deal to spring the extra 45 cents. Nice touch that no tax is added so 2 slices with a topping is an even $1.80. 2 slices and 2 sodas per person.

  • I think I just earned another 45 cents no? Even on special day they have no plain slices! Gotta Love it.

    The 53rd Street one had a guy handing out Rays pens on the corner

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