Schnitzel & Things Beaten to the Punch by Brucha Caterer Truck

There has been a lot of press (and even more twittering) about the new Schnitzel and Things truck, coming soon to Midtown.  Hell, they even have “merch” for sale- and they haven’t even sold a single bite of schnitzel yet!  Well, Fressagirl is reporting that another truck serving schnitzel quietly hit the scene a month ago on 9th Ave. btw. 32+33rd (just outside the Midtown Lunch boundaries.)  In fairness to Schnitzel & Things, schnitzel is just one of the many items on the Brucha Caterer truck- which is entirely kosher.  (And, as you know from this post, Austrian schnitzel and kosher schnitzel can be two completely different things.)

Of course Midtown has plenty of room for two schnitzel trucks.  And I’m still looking forward to the arrival of veal schnitzel!  In fact, Schnitzel & Things just released the first photo of their truck, which you can check out after the jump…

schnitzel truck

They’re hoping to be on the road next week- but we’re hearing they’ll be in Brooklyn to start off.  They want to get everything perfect, and running smooth, before venturing into the madness that is lunchtime in Midtown. (I think that’s a very wise idea.)

Photo of the Barucha Truck coutesy of Fressagirl


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