Street Sweets Truck is Back, One Avenue Away from Le Gamin

Day one, post 55th Street parking fiasco, the Street Sweets Truck will try their luck on the NE corner of 47th & Park today.  We wish them a big good luck in their new spot, which is just one Avenue away from Le Gamin Truck- which is returning today to 47th & Lex, with “plenty of merguez”. [via Twitter;Twitter]


  • Good luck to Sweets. I gotta grab their coffee someday.

  • and those who work a block away are rejoicing. Hallelujah my friends.

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    Nice… If they stay in the same location, I will have to deviate from my normal path to work in the morning, and stop by to get my morning jolt and breakfast.

  • Just hit Le Gamin for the first time. There were only 3 people in front of me but I waited for 20+ minutes for a merguez sandwich.

    The sandwich was good, but I can’t say it was worth $9 plus a 20 minute wait on the 47th St. sidewalk.

    I hope they develop a better system for quicker turnaround time.

  • I went by there today and had a chocolate chip cookie and something else. It was unremarkable. This truck is a coffee shop on wheels. I hope the croissants and coffee are better than the cookies, or otherwise this place will become redundant.

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