Panda Restaurant Closes After Less Than 2 Months

Mentioned in the forums, and confirmed by the photo, Panda Restaurant (the Chinese food/Italian food mashup on 46th btw. 5+6th) has closed. It always saddens me to see a Chinese food place of any kind fail, but this isn’t much of a surprise- Panda just wasn’t really that good. And if I’m saying that, you know it’s pretty bad. (I discriminate against no Chinese food!) According to the sign, a pizza place is coming soon.


  • Dayum- it must have been really bad.

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    LOL at fusion fail.

    Chinese/Italian? My digestive tract isn’t strong enough for that place, especially with Kosher Deluxe Schwarma calling me just across the street.

  • Not a good location. Biryani Cart and the other rival one probably ate up all the business on that street.

  • They just wouldn’t panda to local tastes…

  • Maybe they also spread themself thin by including the italian dishes. ;P

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    I don’t even think it lasted that long. One of the worst most expensive lunch places in town. Did they expect people to order the 12$ beef with broccoli Parmigiana? If you want chinese then go to a chinese restaurant. If you want Italian, go to Italian restaurant. My recommendation is NINO’S down the block! Sorry Panda!!

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