Win Free Baja Fresh Before They Open on Tuesday

It looks like Manhattan’s first location of Baja Fresh (on Lexington btw. 45+46th) is set to open on Tuesday (5/26) as scheduled.  One of the owners emailed yesterday to invite me to sample their food, free, before they open.  Sadly for me though, I don’t take free food from places that I write about- and as tempting as it is to make an exception for this exciting occasion, I’d much prefer going on opening day and tasting the food like a regular customer. I want to try the food they serve to paying Midtown Lunchers… not the free stuff they’re giving to people they know are going to promote the place.

BUT… that doesn’t mean you can’t have the free food.  I asked the owner if I could give my slot away to one of my readers, and he agreed! In fact he said he’d be happy to give away spots to three Midtown Lunch readers (plus one guest each.)  So, if you’d like to try Baja Fresh for free this weekend, before they open to the public, just comment below why you think you deserve to win.  3 winners will be drawn randomly on Friday afternoon.  (And if you don’t win, I’ll see you there on Tuesday!)

What To Expect From Midtown’s New Baja Fresh


  • Free food and bad economy = many people wanting some of that juicy grub. I should defintiely be a part of that mix. Free Baja Fresh would be awesome? super? great! Or how about this, if I win, I’ll split it with a hot lady? Haha. Well, the first lady that wants to try it but didn’t end up winning.

  • Because I work across the street, and have been on the “Bring Baja Fresh to Midtown because Chipotle sucks” train for awhile now.

  • I like burritos.

  • Though I should really be disqualified, having won (and ENJOYED!) our free conveyor belt Sushi experience, I had to submit an application anyways! My reason why is that my one Baja Fresh experience, (Oyster Bay Long Island Location) was negative. So, I’d love the chance to give it another chance. Ohh, also, if its free it’s for me! :-)

  • I am from Ventura County, the birthplace of Baja Fresh, and have been with them since the beginning. I know what one of those burritos should taste like, and what regions of the salsa bar are worth visiting. Also, I know the best tasting burritos are won burritos.

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    I want to win cause I’ve NEVER had Baja Fresh and never heard of it until today. I would be totally unbiased in my opinion and would completely enjoy every bite of free fast food burritos…

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    I love free. I love baja. I love fresh. Thus, I love free baja fresh. Thank you.

  • If we’re not interested can we vote on the entries? For example, steveroller makes a valid argument, but if wizardlylou has never heard of baja fresh until today, isn’t it clear he’s never read this blog before or if he has he clearly hasn’t been paying any attention at all?

  • Ive never been…i work half a block away thus making it a very viable lunch option considering i hate chipotle and qdoba just doesnt do it…also ive never won anything in my life.

  • I’ve been conscientiously working to overcome my cilantro aversion, forcing myself to eat the green leaves once a week—straight. What better way to accomplish this than to have the good people at Baja Fresh concoct some magic to teach me the values and virtues of cilantro as an herb.

  • i’ve never had baja fresh and want to see if it can live up to zach’s hype. does this mean i would have to order a baja chicken burrito?

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    I’ve tried Qdoba and Chipotle countless times. Would like to see how Baja Fresh stacks up against the other burrito chains.

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    3 reasons: I eat at chipotle way too often, and i need to break that habit. I sent you a picture of the sign going up. I really like free food.

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    LOL Oops at me saying I never heard of it… that was misleading. Sorry. I meant to say I never heard of it until coming to this site. Rest assured I have been coming here for a while and did hear of Baja fresh once it was first reported here. Thanks. have a nice day.

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    Of all the tex mex chains, Baja Fresh is my favorite (no joke) and I haven’t had a burrito in such a long time. My eating out has been severely limited due to the recession!

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    My fiancee is from LA, and has been complaining about the lack of good Mexican food in NYC. She was really excited to hear about Baja Fresh opening in Midtown, and it would be great to sneak her in early.

  • i should win because i believe in random number generators.

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    I don’t have a job! I deserve free food! I also grew up in California and have loved Baja Fresh since high school.

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    Salsa bar! Salsa bar! Salsa bar!

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    I should win because my favorite The Sopranos quote of all time is Paulie Walnuts Gualtieri asking Tony if he wants Baja Fresh, but hilariously pronouncing it “Ba-jyah Fresh”.

    I also should get extra credit for knowing that the supposed location of the Bada Bing strip club, Route 17 south in Lodi, NJ, was ACTUALLY four storefronts down from a short-lived Baja Fresh location!!!!

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