Benjamin Steakhouse Burger Challenge (Unsurprisingly) Leads to Questionable Results

If you don’t mind spending over $10 for a quality steakhouse burger for lunch (or reading about the lengths PR people will go to get publicity) you’ll love this one. A few weeks ago, Benjamin Steakhouse (on 41st btw. Park+Madison) offered bloggers the chance to come in and try their burger side by side with the burgers of their competitors (picked up and delivered by Benjamin Steakhouse, of course.)  Well, three blogs took them up on the offer, and the results are in.  Blackbook was the first to weigh in, allowing the Benjamin Steakhouse PR people to deliver all the burgers to their office.  The winner: one person chose the BLT Burger as the best, the other four… Benjamin Steakhouse!

Josh “Mr Cutlets” Ozersky, from the Feedbag, chose Wolfgang’s as the best, but very nicely explained that Benjamin Steakhouse only lost because it wasn’t cooked medium rare. Finally our good friends over at Wined and Dined, who seem to relish promoting these little PR things- between eating Walgreens Sandwiches and greek salads from the 100% Halal & Healthy cart, also had nothing but nice things to say about the Benjamin Steakhouse burger. The whole thing wasn’t without some controversy (aside from the fact that the challenge was orchestrated entirely by the Benjamin Steakhouse PR team.)  Commenters on the Feedbag seemed to think that Mr. Cutlets might have mistakenly thought the BLT Burger was the Benjamin Steakhouse burger!  Not so says the Feedbag… they just didn’t label the photo properly on the post. Way to try and poke holes in the one post that didn’t choose Benjamin’s Steakhouse.

Here’s an idea… rather than spend all this money on PR people, and free burgers for bloggers- why doesn’t Benjamin Steakhouse offer an under $10 lunch special for the good people of Midtown!  That, we could all totally get behind…

Benjamin Steakhouse Doesn’t Quite Get “Midtown Lunch”
A.J. Maxwell’s Gives You Good Steak for $10

Photo courtesy of The Feedbag


  • i did push for a ML version of the Benjamin burger in my review. my idea: instead of 1/2lb burger + fries for $15.95, make it a 1/4 or 1/3lb burger + fries for $9.95. we’ll see if the Benjamin bites on this — it would be the best ML burger deal by far in my opinion. i didn’t comment on the fries since it was a burger challenge, but their those ‘real potato’ fries which i love.

    also, i did a follow-up challenge b/t benjamin and michael jordan’s (i paid for the burgers and they had no idea they were preparing them for any burger competition). was so close that it took 4 bites of each before I could determine the winner.

  • Offer lunch for under $10? But, that would let all the riffraff in! Next thing you know everyone will be asking them to supersize the meal!

  • If you’re gonna pay 15.95, Keen’s has a better burger than Benjamin’s.

  • Same goes for Del Frisco’s. Ask for the awesome mashed potatoes that come with the filet tips instead of the chips.

  • Wined and Dined – get your second review up…I was one of the commenters suggesting the MJ’s burger. Glad to know my taste buds still function properly. I’ve had both MJ’s and Benjamins, but on separate days (actually, more like months). I give my nod to MJ’s. I know its outside of midtown lunch price range, but I rationalize it by getting cheap Zaiya lunches or beef udon from Yagura and using the leftover dinero at Michael Jordans… or I just expense it to my company.

  • @ ESNY — coming soon. promise. the day job is kicking my ass a bit this week.

  • Del Frisco’s burger is by far the best. It’s $15.95, but worth the splurge 2 or 3 times a year!

  • Was this the crappy steakhouse burger competition? I was excited to see Benjamin Steakhouse appear on seamless web a few months ago. And then I made the mistake of ordering their dry, boring, tasteless version of a cheeseburger.

    Seriously, the Burger Heaven burger beats Benjamin’s. Say it ain’t so Benny.

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