You Decide: Should Certe Do Another Sandwich?

Certe's "Primavera" Sandwich
The Primavera from Certe (on 55th btw. 5+6th)

Last week was it for Certe’s third entry in the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge, the Primavera.  If you missed out on this amazing sandwich, I’m sorry.  I feel bad I didn’t remind everybody last week when there was still time to go enjoy it.  I feel doubly bad because a Lunch’er tried to get one yesterday- only to be disappointed (especially because they had left the sign up for the sandwich despite not having it.)  Certe had this to say in response:

“We were unsure as to whether or not we should have a May lunch special and this led to our lack of communication about The Primavera ending. That being said, we didn’t want to over-stay in the “Sandwich Challenge” and keep entering sandwiches each month if it seems we have entered too many. What would you suggest? We are happy to offer a Sirloin Mexican Torta sandwich for the Month of May, as we really do enjoy meeting Midtown Lunch’ers and hearing their feedback each month. Please let us know if you’d like us to submit another entry.”

Now that Papa Perrone has answered my grease truck prayers, I’m tempted to retire the Sandwich Challenge.  I almost feel like there is nothing left to accomplish.  On the other hand, if places are still willing to make awesome sandwiches, I’m still willing to go eat them.  Yay or nay?  What do you guys think?

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  • Yes!!! Keep the sandwich challenge going. I think it’s awesome that Certe is willing to keep creating sandwiches.

  • YAY! totally! the midtown lunch sandwich is awesome! keep ‘em coming

  • why exactly would you stop a good thing? I haven’t really seen anything crazy that I had to try. If anything, I would revamp the challenge and market it even harder.

  • It does seem like the midtown lunch sandwich challenge has no downside — if there were a cost to keeping it going that might be different, but why not try to get as many awesome sandwiches as possible?

  • oOOOo, Sirloin Torta! Man, I wish certe gave out samples. Haha. Definitely let ‘em keep creating!

  • No need to stop the train!!!! Keep it rollin’! If it wasn’t so nasty out, I’d go grab a Fat Daryl—

  • absolutely. certe’s sandwich entries have been pretty great.

  • In my opinion, Certe should win the sandwhich challenge. Not only did they embrace the spirit of the challenge, they’re doing the best job of execution.

    The Duck Pastrami was a bait and switch, so I don’t think they should win.

    As much as I love Papa Perrone’s, I think he’s a close second to Certe. Certe’s execution on the sandwiches outclasses PP’s submissions; same priced sandwiches yet more creative (PP’s accomplishments were serving traditional hero’s on garlic bread, and copying a well known sandwich that’s not available in midtown).

    If you do wrap up the sandwich challenge, then certe should get the gold and JP should get the silver.

    If you don’t wrap up the sandwich challenge, them ML’ers get the gold and all the sandwich contestants get the silver.

    If Certe is reading this – keep going with the challenge.

  • I will never be able to try most of these sandwiches darn kosher/halal…but i say keep it. I luv seeing the ideas. :)

  • Yeah, Zach, rave about the vegetarian sandwich but then turn down a mexican steak one.

    A mexican steak one named after your blog.

    On Cinco de Mayo.

    First OTB, and now Zach’s smoking crack with a baby in the house. Nice.

  • keep them going, pick a winner once a month and let them get a post about it.

  • If anyone deserves another entry is Certe. Every single sandwich submitted has been high quality. EVERY SINGLE ONE! So they more than deserve the publicity of one more. Besides, a Sirloin Mexican Torta sounds awesome!

  • This is like asking Homer if he’d prefer you not give him any more beer, total no brainer. Viva la SC!!

  • I can’t not see any possible reason to stop the “sandwich challenge.” I can honestly say that I’ve went to each of the participating venues and tried the sandwiches. The idea of keeping prices low and offering amazing sandwiches is a genius idea and I can’t believe you’d even second guess yourself. Not to mention look at all the great choices that came out so far, and think of the future options from countless restaurants which haven’t entered the challenge yet.

  • I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. You could have a monthly Street Cart challenge for a meat/rice dish, or a buffet challenge, or a combo challenge (bonus points for dessert!). The key is to broaden participation…maybe an awareness campaign? Or some other incentive?

  • Do it for the people, Zach! Keep it going!

  • If you end the challenge, I will stop reading this website!

  • Who doesn’t love a good torta?

  • do it!

  • Yeah. So far everybody wins. This sandwich challenge has been wonderful. I don’t think it is time to die yet…

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