Midtown Nuts4Nuts Carts Are Weedless

Fork in the Road was kind of enough to post a link to this google map that shows all the roasted nut carts where you can also score some marijuana. For some reason, none of the Midtown carts are participating in this amazing program.  Unless you know something we don’t know…


  • It’s an April Fool’s joke.

  • Yo that map is so unhelpful! And most of the places seem to be wayyyyyy uptown! Where’s the midtown ganja store???? Where’s our “Hamsterdam”! Tell me now! I am bored! And want to buy some nuts!

  • Brooklyn represent! We have the hot dog pot vendor! Perfect for when you get the munchies. Pass the dutchie on the left hand side!

  • This is totally a fake, this entry make me crack up:

    Squirrely Johnson
    This guy is from Nigeria and he told me once he got away from some cop that was chassing him by runnin in weird circles like a squirrel and when the cop tried to grab him he only got his jacket like how sometimes when you grab a squirrel by the tail the tail pops off. So he says everybody calls him Squirrely Johnson i guess his last name is Johnson. He some times has dimes for not too much but you have to buy nuts first.

  • I bet squirrely is a shwag dealer, like the doormen in my building! LOL

  • Nuts?! Hamsterdam?! I’ll GLADLY bite your nuts off!

  • Click on the “my myspace” link. It’s an april fools joke, and a bad one at that.

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