Midtown Links (The “I Swear the Photo Was Not on Purpose” Edition)

So, everybody has been telling me how much they love the photos of my kid with different Midtown Lunches. So I decided to start taking more… like this one of Harry holding my falafel sandwich from Moshe’s new truck. (I swear on my life the unfortunate falafel/pickle placement was completely unintentional.)

  • Darbar Grill on 55th has free appetizers every night from 5 to 8pm [Eater]
  • Check out the new April flavors of Itzy Bitzy macarons, which are sold at Tafu on 51st & Lex [SENY]
  • During Passover, Toloache will be serving a special Mexican matzo ball soup and tacos de brisket made with matzo tortillas [Zagat Buzz]
  • Tips for attacking the by the lb. buffet at Alpine Gourmet.  Tip #1 Should be “Don’t eat at Alpine Gourmet” [BLD Project]


  • Great name! :)

  • That’s the biggest pickle I’ve ever seen on a baby.

  • hahahahahahha this is great

  • …pickles even cut…………

  • Is this Midtown Lunch or Cute Overload?

  • He looks totally pissed off, like he is going to store this humiliation for later use when he is a teenager.

    Good luck.

  • I love how angry he looks. Like “You wanker, you did that on purpose!” (don’t ask me why Harry speaks with British slang in my head, I don’t know). Hehe. I think I just love Harry :)

  • Hah, I think I spotted you and the pramster the other day when you were walking west on 48th around lunch. I didn’t see anything posted on Gawker though.

  • Zach, your photography skillz have now surpassed Daniel’s.
    Catching Harry mid street meat excrete is a marvel to behold.

    Have you given any thought to recycling it with the Biryani cart dude? You can tie in to a promo:

    ML: on the cutting edge of the “green movement”.

  • Are you sure your baby didn’t escape from the set of “Mars Attacks?” Look at that noggin!

  • Nirvana (same owners as Darbar Grill), on 39th and Lex also has the free appetizer deal.


  • Yikes! baby and a pickle on the baby? That is a dangerous picture…..

  • Harry is looking at you with no-no in his eyes.

  • to be truthful, i didn’t even notice the pickle until you pointed it out. you should blur it out before you get cited for child porn

  • “That’s F#@%? up Dad.

  • Awesomeness! I love the Harry pics! Keep them coming!

  • FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE DAY! And I’m a photo editor so I see a lot of pictures. Keep those great baby pix coming, Zach! Harry rocks!

  • Harry looks overwhelmed with all the food you laid on him.

  • hehehe…i’m glad to know the baby’s lap can double as a lunch try.

    btw…our baby boy has the same carseat/travel system.

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