Midtown Links (The “Did You Know Loving Chinese Food is Genetic?” Edition)

My thursday Yips lunch, from a different angle.

  • Wow… amazingly somebody likes Danku’s Indonesian sloppy joe! [Cravings]
  • Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is going to be one of the food vendors at the new Yankee Stadium [NYMag]
  • Some of the best Kosher options in Midtown include Taam Tov, Rosa’s Pizza, & Eden Wok [Chowhound]
  • HB Burger is as disappointing as you would expect [Ultraclay]
  • You can get 8 steamed dumplings for $3.50 at Woorijip [Three Buck Bites]
  • Lunch is clearly no problem (as you can see above)… but damn, what I wouldn’t give to have a nice dinner out [Serious Eats: New York]


  • Mini Midtown Luncher is a cutie

  • …………” dad stop at the crappy chinkie food….don’t eat me”…..

    that’s what that look say’s.

    Have a very nice weekend…very nearly everyone, ‘cept vegans.

  • wow, screw all those babyhaters.

    If you can cater to the couple nearly having sex in the back corner table or the girls/boys-night-out beligerent drunks screaming in the center table, you can cater to a new set of parents who just want to act like / be treated like a pair adults for a change.

  • Posting pictures of the adorable Midtown Lunch kidlet is just blatantly manipulative, Zach! I kinda love you for it. And, good lord, that bowl of food is bigger than he is!

  • That kid is making big plans for that food. “…curse my weak floppy arm muscles!!!”

  • Eden Wok as one of the best Kosher options in midtown? Seriously? It’s hard enough keeping kosher without someone pretending like the crap that Eden Wok serves qualifies as good Chinese Food.

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