Sidewalk Bento Guy Arrested!

Bento Guy on 50th btw. 6+7th (on a better day) Photo provided by Lunch’er Shauna

In the ML Inbox: “Just to let you know, I saw the 50th st bento guy sitting in back of a police suv and the cops were wheeling around his cart. I wanted to take a snap for your blog, but i didn’t want to risk gettting tazed.” Please tell me somebody got a photo of this.  Email it to  Also, somebody may want to go warn the Ecuadorian lady on 46th St.


  • “Bento’s so good, they’re worth getting arrested for!”

  • oh no! poor bento guy.

  • I’m betting he was arrested because someone tried the Sushi.

  • Fuckin pigs…

  • He’s probably under aged…

  • maybe he was selling more then bento boxes…wink wink

  • DON’T TAZE ME, BRO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • if only he had been selling doughnuts…..

  • Samwich… can you imagine??? It would mean I wouldn’t have to go downtown to find scooby snacks!!! AND you could get lunch all in one quick pickup.

    I bet he hid his scale in one of the boxes too.
    I wonder if all his lunch treats we “within midtown lunch price range”.

  • Wow… hey tipster, here’s what I do, esp in daylight situations where no flash or steady hands are needed… I casually walk by and hold my camera (strap around my wrist) while it’s on and kind of hold it close to my body, aiming towards whatever I want… and take a few quick snaps. It helps if you can turn off your camera’s sound (you can do this on Canon, not sure about other cameras)… I’ve gotten a couple of super stealth shots that way. Hehehe. The cops probably wouldn’t even notice; they’d just think you were looking around and holding your camera up as you walked by ;)

  • Oh lordy… Zach, I feel responsible. Japanese Tupperware Man in the Hoosegow. This can’t be coincidental. Hope the poor guy makes someone a good wife in the joint. Maybe he can throw the masses bentos to protect his sphincter.

  • poor guy…the only Bento he will know now is being
    Bento-ver in the slammer.

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