Caribbean Spice Returns in Cart Form to Take On The Jamaican Dutchy

It turns out the new cart that popped up Monday on 46th btw. 6+7th is from the owners of Caribbean Spice, the now shuttered Hell’s Kitchen restaurant that used to be on 44th btw. 9+10th Ave.  Their hand written signs may be scrawled on posterboard, but the menu is pretty straight forward.  Jerk chicken, stewed chicken, curry chicken or goat, and oxtails, served over rice and peas.  Sound familiar?  You can’t help but think these ladies must have been influenced in some way by the success of the Jamaican Dutchy on 51st & 7th.  Only a 6 or 7 minute walk away, you’ve got to admire the boldness of setting up shop so close to what I consider one of the best carts in Midtown. 


It’s not really fair to judge the food on day 4, but I just can’t resist the exitement of a new cart. Check out the plate of food I got yesterday, after the jump…

Jerk chicken with rice and peas (plus a little curry goat up top).   The small size is $5, the large (seen above) is $7.  They plan on having daily specials, and the menu on Wednesday included Ackee & Salt fish (Jamaican’s “National Dish”) and callaloo, a Carribean soup/stew made with greens, okra and in this case, has fish in it. 

We’ll definitely keep a close eye on this one- and if you decide to join me as an early adopter, let everyone know what you think in the comments…


  • Rice and Peas might be one of the best things in the world.

  • I tried a small curry chicken yesterday. It was good and fine. I think the Jamaican Dutchy is a touch better though..Would need to try some more dishes of course though..

  • The +:
    more variety on my block?

    The -:
    curry goat was a pile of bones and fat
    curry chicken may have been undercooked
    neither had much flavor
    the beans in the rice were undercooked/crunchy
    with only one person in line ahead of me, it still took 15min to get my plate (and everything is pre-cooked!)
    they made me find change, as they couldn’t break a $20

    A co-worker loved the restaurant when they were on Seamless, and begged me to give it another chance. Maybe in a month or two.

  • Zach: So you’re not even giving us your initial opinion on the quality/taste of the food?

  • I was excited about the cart until I saw it was Caribbean Spice. I live in Hell’s Kitchen and never heard great things about the restaurant – was supposed to be okay food for too much money.

  • Zach, can I meet up with you at this place secretly, so Doc Chuck doesn’t know? I love street meat, but he’s a control freak and won’t let me have any.

  • That Curry Goat looks like that thing they cut off John Hurts face in Alien.

  • Don’t knock Alien meat ’til you’ve tried it.

  • meh. just meh.

  • they did mistake to put next to famous biriyani cart

  • Thank You Zach for the tips! We try the Ackee & Salt fish (Very Good) and Jerk Chicken (Tasty, Juicy & SPICY!). The dumpling is dry inside though and they have boil plantains instead of fried ones.

  • Some co-workers and I tried this place on the 5th day they opened. The line was ok, wish I could say the same for the food. I got the curry chicken, it wasn’t flavorful at all, and the chicken was full of bones. I won’t be back. Not worth the money.

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